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heat record

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Cronus, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. And with this new heat wave it is the hottest its been since nearly
    4billion years ago when the earth was just a ball of molten lava.

    Makes for good night riding though, who's with me.
  2. not i. i've been happy in my pool :)
  3. im happy sitting in the bay consuming some of this :grin:

  4. see ya there next tues, i figure since you fail to come to coffee, we'll come to you. helps you have a pool :twisted: :LOL:
  5. 43 degree heat?? Good riding?? What planet are you on dude? :LOL: Every bike i saw today i had a good chuckle at. Bet those guys thought it was a great idea at the time! At the same time, i felt sorry for those that only ride and have no air conditioned car. :LOL: Couldnt think of anything worse than being stuck on the bike today!
  6. Treat your bike well, park it in the shade.
  7. i can breathe just fine up here in Sydney :grin:

    what about adelaide though, bloody hell
  8. I went for a ride today... Although... By 'ride', what I actually mean is 'traversing the hot side of the sun whilst trying to smile and prove that I was better than those on bikes wearing t-shirts'.

    In the end I decided fRuIt this... Beer + Fan + Back Porch + My beautiful girl = Bliss.

    Damn the heat! Bring on the snow tyres! :grin:

  9. Soooft! Yesterday's heat wasn't even that bad. At a bit over 100kmhr there was a nice cool breeze. I feel sorry for those that only ride on 26deg sunny days.
  10. it was 45.5 in Adelaide yesterday

    my skin fell off
  11. +1
    Stopping at lights was unbearable at times, but at high speeds that mesh jacket was working great.
  12. Man, gonna be so hot here in Syd today... max of 29 :-({|= .
  13. fcuk it. im moving to sydney.

    or tassie.
  14. .. well I wasn't exactly right there. Riding home from work yesterday it felt like I was riding through a giant sized hair dryer ... doesn't make for a comfortable ride.
  15. im on holidays for 4 and a half weeks now :LOL: take my holidays every year from aus day weekend onwards :grin: down the coast at the moment spening alot of time in the water and alot of time making sure i have enough fluid intake :beer:

    Nice and quiet down here at the moment, spose everyones gone back to work and school :LOL:
    Anyway about to consume my 1st corona for the day. :p
    Enjoy work everyone and enjoy the commute to work and home :LOL:
  16. Yeah about the same here in Coffs too, not to mention everything is nice and green from the afternoon showers we get..... oh should I mention that our dam is @ 97% and my watertanks are full as well ? :LOL: :twisted: :p
  17. fill up ya buckets and send em down here :LOL:
  18. VTRBob, as an ex-Melburnian, you are a traitor.
  19. Bring on Winter and Spring!
  20. ..I remember a time I thought Bob was a nice bloke .. :twisted: