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Heat hand gripes :(

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ferkel, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. My existing heated hand grip elements (Torpedo7.. which BTW sucked) have packed it in. So, I'm looking for a new product. Can anyone recommend anything (either elements or grips). I'm after duel 40/20 Watt temperature (I need at least 40 Watts per hand in winter). Can anyone recommend anything ?

    Nb/ life without heat really effects my riding [​IMG]

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  2. oxford grips?
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  3. yes ferkelferkel the oxfords seem to be the go-to grips around here

    love the thread name - very clever!
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  4. Oxford: don't accept any inferior substitutes..
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  5. Spend the money, on the right product, and you only have to spend it once. It's the poor man that pays twice...
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  6. Ok, I'll have a look. When I investigated Oxford 4 years ago, I didn't like their grips.

    Middle of winter, and no heated grips. That's me gripe tonight :(. It's like riding in winter in nothing but your jocks.. and those Torpedo7's were highly recommended by a poster on RidingSA, and they sucked. Rated at 40W, but were 28W (I'll give a Chinese burn to the guy that recommended them). It's hard to know how good a product is until you buy and install it.
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  7. Could anybody explain the picture in the product below. They don't look like grips:

    Hot Hands

    Are they overlays that go over the existing grips ?. If they are, this is definitely not what I am after.
  8. Hahahahahah the classic Chinese burn!!!! What a cracker, I totally forgot about that. And the nipple cripple, often used in tandem
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  9. the description says it all :p
    "Heated Overgrips"
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  10. Or a kick in the nuts :p

    Anyway, I'm definitely after an owner's personal experience. If you have any pics of your grips and any install gotchas, that would be what I am after :)

    Surfing the internets:

    Motorcycle / Scooter Heated Hand Grips - 22 mm

    10/15Watt ???.. could this be energy delivered to hands ?. 50C/70C should be plenty you would think ??

    The recommendation (I think this is what you all are implying ?)

    OXFORD HOTGRIPS HEATED GRIPS - TOURING (suit 22mm (7/8") Bars) Online Motorcycle Accessories Australia - SCM
  11. 69SIM69SIM has done a few oxford installs, maybe he can help
  12. Ok, I'll take your word for it... I wouldn't have a clue :)
  13. yes mate, think of a 12v condom and you'll get the idea :p
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  14. What's been done to your bike today?
  15. But what do you do with the other one ? :geek:
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  16. Mate. I really suggest the Oxfords.

    Main advantage over other cheaper ones is that you can set 5 different heat settings and that it senses when you switch off the bike (and no charge on battery) and will auto switch off - no flat battery woes.

    $120 not that expensive

    Someone (think it was itchinitchin - said if you buy the tourer version the grips feel better. i have the sports - no problems so far but the 'dimples' on the sport grips are 'aggressive'
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  17. a month ago bought off ebay from a company in vic called third gear. cost $ 35. fantastic easy to fit 2 temps 50 and 70. very happy
  18. My 3rd set of oxfords. Never had a problem with them and you can easily buy replacement parts if you crash/ damage them. For me the touring version has thebest feel not so aggressive as the sport ones as GeorgeOGeorgeO said
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  19. Thanks guys (Corollas, George0, jttt, itchin). Actual user experience is what I am after. I've been using heated grips since moving to Adelaide in 2003. Mostly good product experiences. One bad one.

    I don't like Oxford's bulky controller (I've seen them in real life on other people's bikes)... and too many buttons.. too gadgety. I prefer Boolean operation: ON/OFF... tri-state is pushing it. That's just me. I operate them when I am not looking. I don't care about price. I'm after function.

    Oxfords and the 3rd gear products are the candidates by the looks.

    jttt: Are your 3rd gear grips "ouch hot" in winter when it's 10-12C in Melbourne ?