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Heat closes Melbourne's Southern Star wheel

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Melbourne's big wheel has stopped turning after heat caused the Southern Star to buckle and crack last week.

    The $100 million giant ferris wheel will remain closed indefinitely after shutting down on Friday as the company awaits a report into damage caused by last week's record heatwave.

    Southern Star Management Group chairman Fred Maybury told Radio 3AW some metal had buckled and cracked and he expected a report today into how to fix the 120-metre tall wheel.

    "Until I get that report I can't answer the question," he said when asked when the wheel would reopen.

    Mr Maybury said the company had sought international advice on how to fix the tourist attraction and why it had succumbed to "excessive heat" so patrons would feel safe riding the wheel.

    "We're certainly taking it as serious because we want the wheel to be fully operational and successful so we want to know why this has happened," he said.

    He said he was "extremely disappointed" to have to shut the wheel just over a month after its opening at Waterfront City.

  2. Hooray. You get the same view by driving over the Bolte Bridge, or westgate.
  3. I'm personally stoked that this has happened. :grin:

    I used to work for the company of F*cktards that built it and I hope this costs them an absolute truckload of cash. They deserve it soooo much!


    Apart from that I think the whole project was a stupid waste of money anyway.
  4. sorry guys i can't help laughing at this one!
  5. The bloody thing should have been built by a couple of blokes from Marble Bar. They know how to handle heat up there. :LOL:
  6. We live in Australia...

    and it couldn't take 40 degree heat...

    Maybe you Victorians needed South Australian Engineers!
  7. Not if you ask a mate to do the driving for you.
  8. Might be bulletproof though?
  9. That's funny! When I heard, I just presumed we used the guys that built the one in London, but apparently not! :grin:
  10. I don't want to hijac this topic, but . . .

    Dougz Posted:

    'Funnily enough the owners of the building company are Israeli so you'd think they know how to handle heat! '

    Useless pricks :shock:


    um, No, Not useless. :roll:
  11. Did anyone mention collapsable bridges?
  12. If you re-read the comment mate, you'll note that Dougz is commenting on the building company, not Israeli's in general :roll: You'll also note that he also previously stated he used to work for them so perhaps his comments are justified....
  13. Hmm, that link doesn't mention the Maccabiah Bridge for some reason.
  14. I never suggested that he was talking about Israelies in general. I was just replying with some of their achievments, as opposed to this post saying that they were unreliable at the task of building the wheel.
  15. The wheel was designed by:

    Sanoyas Hishino Meisho Corporation

    So they may have to answer the "Why"
  16. The list you posted also forgot to mention the "Pal Kal" construction method. ;)
  17. ^^
    This could be why;

    " quote"
    However, it is possible this entire phrase is mis-attributed. The floor of the hall probably collapsed because several columns were removed some time after the construction, and not because it was built using the Pal-Kal method. As further evidence, many other Israeli buildings have been constructed using it, and all these building have been fine since the accident has occurred.