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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mattb, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. I saw a beautiful thing tonight, riding along the road down the bay from St Kilda at dusk. I reckon it should be in cinemas this season: “a man and his best friend* take a journey with man’s best friend”. The fellow was riding some cruiser (-?) with a pillion, and up front on the fuel tank was a big hairy dog. I swear I could see it smiling.

    *the bike

    I once transported gold-fish on my bike, but if I fitted a permanent tank - and I've given serious thought to it :D - I think they'd die of shock.
  2. LoL! Full house! would take a fair bit of training just to get the dog UP there...

    Our dog is a little bit afraid of my bike... well... actually even the starter scares the sh!t out of it!

  3. yeh i couldnt imagine my dog on the tank id be scared of him slipping off
  4. There's another proposed change to the national road rules that has had very little publicity - there's a proposal to ban animals from riding on motorcycle tanks...

    Again, it's not because of any evidence that it's bad or dangerous - the claim is that it's "obviously" a bad thing :roll:

    I do know that one couple in the BMW Club travel everywhere 2 up with their dog - they took it to Adelaide on a club ride last year and it doesn't seem to be a problem.

    I have no idea whether it's dangerous or not. The trend now seems to be if they think it might be dangerous - don't research it - just ban it...

  5. Buy an Across - replace the "tank" top with a clear perspex one and line the interior with something waterproof and turn it into a fish bowl. It would make a very interesting effect - and improve the bike no end... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. In NZ there was a guy who would take his cat everywhere on his bike.
    The cat would stand on the tank with paws on the handlebars!
    The cat's name was rastas!

    Unfortunetly both died in an accident.
  7. On the weekend at the toy run, I saw a harley with a little dog sitting on the tank wearing little goggles. I must say, it looked pretty cool and the little mutt looked quite happy being there.

    Gotta love the mob that come up with laws to ban everything. Obviously they had dour and boring lives and they can't stand others enjoying themselves and doing interesting things.
  8. Actually that's going to be illegally shortly, as it's part of the Australian Road Rules amendents (which include lane splitting and under 8 pillion stuff) to not allow pets to travel on the fuel tank.
  9. Your kidding! Really??
    Jeez it's getting to the point where it'll be easier for these knobheads to just ban EVERY HUMAN ACTIVITY, except for a handful of approved activities :evil:
  10. So would puddling it with an oxy torch........ :D
  11. Unfortunately it's true. I could understand it if they decided to investigate to see if it's a problem but a knee-jerk reaction to ban it! :evil:

    Whoever did these Australian Road Rules has obviously got some serious problem. :roll:

    Dale Maggs phoned their office and asked for a copy of the research data behind these changes - there is NONE! It appears that some idiot there thought that these are all terribly dangerous practices and should be banned...

  12. So what about these cagers that have those little "Dogs" in their cage running all over the place just waiting to be turned into a Intercontinental Ballistic Chihuahua, that's ok though ??
  13. Of course this practice should be banned. Has anybody considered the well being of the animal? There'd be public outcry if someone carried a young child unprotected on a bike, yet because its a "dumb animal" no-one gives a sh!t what happens to it if the bike goes down?

  14. I had a little kitty that used to like going on the bike in my dririder, she would stick her head out at the lights to look around, then pop back down when I took off. I wore a very fluffy jumper and she loved the warmth and comfort. I also reckon she like dthe hum of the Hornet too- like a purr :)
  15. I completely agree with you, at least in a car the animal has some protection around it and is quite often actually strapped in.
  16. Yeah it makes you insane. I bet that not one person there has a bike licence. "I,m an expert cos I say so"
  17. Good idea..

    Mutts dont belong on bikes.

    Wanna take ya mutt with you somewhere.. people can use their cars/utes
    for that kinda thing..
  18. farmers will disagree
  19. I dont know if you knew cash , he was a legend

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