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Heart vs Vertebrae

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mcsenna, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Stuck between a rock and a hard place.
    Heart wants Red, lower back wants Black.
    Don't expect anyone can help solve this, just putting it writing to see if it helps my brain, which by the way has no part to play in this.

  2. look at it this way.
    if you don't mind looking like every other latte sipping mechanic's paycheque, buy the red one.
    if you'd rather look like an adventure rider stuck on the commuter run, gagging for that next week-long jaunt to the middle of nowhere and back, buy the japper

    flame suit on
  3. So, throw your suggestion into the pot, I don't give a rats arse what I look like by the way so don't use that criteria in your choice. It's almost a no contest anyway, the upright position is becoming the main issue.
  4. Are you going to be doing long trips Mcsenna? It sounds boring but I'd be going with the bike I felt most comfortable on. If you're going to pull up sore from the Ducati, then won't that take the enjoyment out of it anyway? It's a hard one - all the best with the decision.
  5. Have you considered fitting bar risers to a Monster?
  6. or...


    (gel seat)



    (upright riding, insane grin :) )
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  7. Go the red.
  8. Yup, long rides, don't need to commute. Sat on the Duc for 20 minutes (sales guy thought I was a stalker). Did the same on a GS500,
    And I got the same twinges as I do after about half an hour on the GPS. Don't want a cruiser I don't think, still like the feel of a sporty type bike in the corners.
  9. ^^I like the_blacke's idea. You are going to have even me converted by the time I buy another bike :D
  10. I used to work opposite a bike dealer... when I was thinking about my next purchase I used to go over there every lunchtime and spend half an hour just sitting on the bike to see how it felt, how comfortable it was etc :)
  11. monsters are'nt that bad on your back.
    test ride.
  12. No I hadn't. Might be worth looking into.
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  14. The problem is the lean. Anything more than about 10 degrees seems to be the issue. The Duc is about 20 sitting forward on the seat.
  15. rofl!

    That "other thing" is the Kawasaki Ninja 1000. It's the faired version of the Z1000 - sports bike styling, naked bike seating position. Chuck on a gel seat and you're good to go, and go, and go.

    Motorcyclist's bike of the year 2011
  16. That sounds to me like your answer. Get the bike your heart wants and make your back happy. I've raised the bars on every bike I've ever owned. The W now has bar risers because of it's odd bar size, but every other has had higher bars fitted. Check out my pic of my Hornet in the dirt riding thread in Gen Disc. You can easily, in my experience, get a couple of inches extra of height without even moving any of the cables and wires. You don't have to go higher either - you can come back, and that requires less of the cables etc, especially if you do a little re-routing. If it's a big issue then you can always lengthen the wiring yourself and get some new cables made.

    Another issue is the new riding position where your legs are still in the old one. I've never found it a problem - I like my legs tucked back on the highway - but you need to at least consider it.

    Get the Duc if it's the one you really want. Don't waste time with a compromise when you can have your cake and eat it.
  17. I'll definitely look into that, I like the Duc, by the way forgotten, if your making me a coffee I like it black, and yes I can afford a mechanic so it's all good.
    Unfortunately blacke still LAMS the 1000 is out for the time being and I meant the squiggly thing by the way not the bike.
  18. For LAMS go the Ninja 650L, same upright riding position, just a bit less oomph. Enough to keep a permanent grin on my face though. :)
  19. ahhh LAMS back pain is a biatch. Either of the 3 Kwaka 650s will do you for seating position, though if you're heart is leaning towards the duc I reckon some time investigating raisers might be in order.

    For that matter, is it worth changing the bars on your current bike, and then getting the duc / bike of your dreams when you're off restrictions?

    The squigly thing is the embossed logo on the brand new OEM Gel Seat I just fitted to the ninja. Gel seaty goodness makes the ride more comfortable and changes the position slightly from the stock seat (which slides you inexorably into the tank).