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Hearlink Ear Plugs

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Trekka273, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. I was in Peter Stevens in the city recently looking at some gloves and noticed a pamphlet on the counter for Hearlink Ear Plugs. Up until now I have been using the cheap disposable ear plugs, which have been ok for me, but my wife can't use them as she has small ear canals and can't get them in properly. So, we decided to get some ear plugs made by Hearlink.

    Johnny came out to our house on a Friday evening and did the moulds/plugs. He took them away to put the finsihing touches to them and by Monday afternoon he had called me to let me know that they were ready. He then posted them out to me and I had them by Wednesday. I have to say that they are fantastic. Very easy to put in and take out, I don't notice any problems with them hurting my ears, pressing on the helmet, etc, they are very comfortable, and best of all, they cut out a lot of unwanted noise, yet they still allow you to hear what is going on around you. They also come with your choice of a soft or hard case for when they aren't in use.

    For $80/pair, I am very, very happy and would recommend them to anyone. They also offer some higher level plugs for those who want them.
  2. They sell for $60 at the expo's ;)
  3. Yeah, but some people can't AFFORD $300 earplugs....
  4. I ordered a pair of the BigEar plugs. (well I had an impression of the holes either side of my nose made)
    The lower end of the scale plugs with a single driver speaker in each one are $350.
    I went for a pair of the twin driver plugs at $500. (The difference in sound was amazing) I have 2 years to get them made if I want to. Would be nice. But $500 is a huge chunk of cash for ear plugs.
  5. Gotta agree. I guess that most of us soldier on with disposables when ear protection is required and headphones when we want to listen to music. Hardly ideal, but within budget!
  6. As mentioned, the one's that I got were $80. Yes, it is a bit for ear plugs, but so far I think it is money well spent. And my wife couldn't use the disposable plugs as she could never get them in her ears at all, so it is a massive difference for her.

    And I guess you can get them cheaper at the expos because they are already there. Johnny travelled out to my house and did the moulds, etc, so perhaps that where the difference is? Besides, I have never been to an expo, so I didn't know they were cheaper there :)
  7. Most manufacturers/distributors/retailers use trade shows, race meetings and expos as an opportunity to promote their products and "freebies" or heavily discounted products are an important part of this promotion process. Good thing to keep in the back of your mind.
  8. So how do you get in touch with him to place an order?
  9. You can call on 9326 2231, 1300HEARING or email johnny@hearlink.com.au
  10. Awesome. thanks.