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Hearing loss/ ringing ears

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pil, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. Just to add to a post I put in a little while ago in relation to ear plugs and the importance of wearing them, The reason I posted that thread was cause I now have hearing damage. All it took was one ride of some dstance and now I have rining in my ears constantly( mainly one side). As most of you know its not the bike noise but the wind noise that does the damage. I have a cousin that is an ear specalist and she has told me that the companies that do ear plugs suggest that not only should you wear the plugs but you should try to cover the base of the helmet with some foam padding to stop any wind/ road noise from comming up underneath the helmet. So if there is one message to get out there is if you like the ringing in your head even when its quiet then dont wear ya plugs but if ya value your quiet time like I once did you will do all ya can to make sure the damage doesnt happen. By the way learn how to put the plugs in properly because it cuts the effectivness of them if ya just stuff them in without seating them well. Cheers Pil

  2. Can't disagree with this, I wish I had worn earplugs back in the 70's
  3. I just had custom moulded plaug made, ones with speakers in them and ones without.

    Awesome plugs, cuts out most of the noise whilst still allowing you to hear traffic and other riders yelling at you at the lights
  4. Meh, I cut out the wind noise, I just turn the MP3 player up louder :p

    My ears are screwed from nightclubs anyhow...

  5. Hey vic the guys who make the moulded plugs recomend that you try to also limit the amount of road noise/wind noise from underneath even with those plugs. I wonder how many of the older riders have some degree of hearing loss or ringing in the ears from the good old bad days. Cheers Pil
  6. yep dancing inches from one of the main stacks... wondering why my eyes were vibrating with each ripping d&b bass line... thanking god i had remembered to wear my earplugs....

    and my grilfirend thinks I'm deaf... ITS SELECTIVE HEARING LOSS... :wink:

    next week I'm repacking my mufler... for shits and gigles i'm going to just repack the 'hot' side... and wear ear plugs!!!
  7. We have a saying in aviation in regards to how loud something needs to be to damage your hearing - "Noise loud enough to annoy, given time, will destroy".

    Bikes qualify for both ie. noise loud enough to annoy, and given time.

    I always try to ride with plugs on longer trips and bought a Shoei helmet that has foam cuffs around the neck to reduce noise. I already have some hearing loss from 10 years in aviation so every little bit helps from here on in(excuse the pun).
  8. Yes, I've been using ear plugs ever since I've been riding (17 years).

    Buy them in bulk, ie 200 disposable or more pairs and only cost about $35-$40.00 (get them from www.safetymart.com.au). Cheap insurnace for your ears I recon.

    One trick is to pull your ear up and open your mouth then insert the earplug. The jaw movement will make the ear opening slightly bigger make the earplug a snug fit.
  9. gave them silly plugs a run today, no ringing in my ears, no headache, less fatigue.....i guess i should be eating my hat :oops:
  10. HUH?? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Hey pil, you might want to get that ringing in the ear checked. might be the onset of what i have, particularly if it's only in one ear. I suffer from what is known as otoschlerosis (not sure of spelling) good news is it's curable. I go for the operation to rectifying the prob on 17th october. you might have the same prob developing.

  12. WHO.....
  13. Have done numerous intersate rides, and I always thought about ear plugs, I do think the wind roar does add to fatigue. But I have never tried them.
    I always thought I would be ridden along trying to pick my ears.
  14. EarMould plugs are $60. They last at least 4yrs so I'm told... so long as you don't lose them!!

    I've held off buying a set because I get all the EAR foam plugs I can handle from work... any highway speeds ride over 15-20minutes, is a definite plugs in ride...

    I'm over protective of my ears... too many loud things around me want to take my hearing away... very very protective.

    Hey Vic, what's the sound quality on the speaker ones??
  15. Gday Pil,

    Yes, I’ve been a sufferer of constant 24/7 Tinnitus for approx 18 months now. I recommend earplugs to anyone who hasn’t or has this condition. I would rather miss the odd conversation at the lights by having ear plugs in, than by possibly increasing the risk of further heightening the effects of Tinnitus. You have to live with it. (Almost worse than something, you cannot divorce) :?:
  16. I had the Earmold ones made for at last year's expo. The main reason I wanted them was because I have such small ear canals that the foam and plastic cheap ones tend to fall out of my ears even with the helmet on.
  17. The foam ones are great and I used to get them in bulk from work as well. Not any more. Thats not the reason I bought these though.

    The foam ones get annoying after a while and each time I pull them out I have trouble getting them in, they get dirty too easy and I'm funny about sticking cruddy ear plugs back in my ear.

    The silly-cone ones are great in that you can just give them a wipe before re-inserting and they are clean.
    The fit snugly and perfectly match the holes in ya head ;)

    The wires are great, they sound really good.

    I got them done on the Friday, rode with the wires on Saturday and found the left one was slightly uncomfortable. Then rode with the normal ones (no wires) on Saturday night and found the right one to be slightly uncomfortable.

    Took them to Ray today and he spotted the slight bump in both that would be causing the discomfort and fixed them on the spot.

    Any further issues between now and the Brisbane expo and I'll get Ray to fix them in Brissy.

    Best bet is to get to the expo early, get them moulded, get a pass out, go for a ride, make sure they aren't causing you any discomfort. If they are, go back and get them "touched up"

    Worth every cent IMHO, especially if ya ride a twin ;)
  18. Im glad a few people have read this thread cause if it stops them getting tinnitus then its all good. I have been pretty lucky in that mine isnt that bad but I know people that have been near suicidal with it so its plugs for me all the time now. Might get to the doc for a check up in the next little while see what he says. cheers Pil