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heaphones - looking for wiring help

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by evilooliver, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. Well my favourite heaphones broke :cry: and they've served me well.

    They didnt work properly because of the 3.5mm headphone socket. (to get them to work sometimes i had to wriggle the cord within the socket)

    So today i went to DSE and bought a 3.5mm (stereo) headphone socket. Pretty simple huh?

    Well $1.35 and over 3 hrs later ive given up cos it wont rewire correctly.

    The headphone has 2 chords (A and 8)
    A divides into two coloured wires - red and copper
    B divides into two coloured wires - light blue and copper

    the plug is similar to this one - with 3 "points of connection" (XYZ)
    X - is the long one
    Y + Z are very small ones

    Ok ok before you get confused so am i - im trying to use letters to allow people to help me explain it.

    So what did i do wrong?
    I put the 2 copper wires into X and red into Y and Light blue into Z :shock:

    ARRRRGH What am i doing wrong?

    So ummm now that ive calmed down... can anybody help? or should i ask santa for some new headphones? :roll:
  2. oops i misspelt "headphones" in the subject line :roll:
  3. the insulation polmer crap they have on teh wires is really hard to geta good solder through you may nead to scrape with a scaple or a knife a section before you solder...


    half way down is an image for the connection and its prety simple. Copper in your case is teh ground red well i'd call that righ and blue left... now solder / twist the stripped wire to teh ground connector and then l;eft and right.. tug gently to make sure its connected and test...

    still no sound well i really hope they weren't $200 pluss like my old grado's... damn i miss those and i i ever catch the theving student I will teach him that hi voltage and fingers dont mix... well at all... :twisted: :twisted:
  4. thanks mate - ill have to get a soldiering iron too - ive been using electrician tape - maybe thats been the major problem - although ive been doing it pretty tight. Ill go a harrass my friend for the iron tomorrow:) thanks again mate
  5. Nup they are just centimental.... he he he... hi voltage and fingers! I know what thats like!
  6. Solder them quickly. The insulation has a low melting temperature on most audio cables.
  7. yep... not plesent and very painful. Dont get an expensive soldering iron for you first iron. Just make sure it has a decent conical tip on the end for point soldering.

    anyhow good luck with you babies be very careful and remember even if you stuff up you should have about another half meter of chord to try again with...