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Healthy living

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by birdman, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Healthy living is riding!

    A friend was having high blood pressure problems, so his doctor put a continuous monitor on him to map his variations during the day. As it turns out, his blood pressure was lowest whenever he went riding on his motorbike.

    This is obviously a one off case so it is not conclusive proof, but it makes sense to me. With all of the stresses of life these days one of the best things you can do is go for a ride on your bike!

    My favourite recreation is my bike!

    What do you think? Heard any similar stories?
  2. Until a cager gives you a scare by cutting out off....

    But yes, i find riding very calming :)
  3. The latest issue of BIKE UK (Feb 2008) has an extensive article under the general heading "Stuff the gym: how riding makes you fitter and thinner".

    I read the article three times and weighed myself each time, but it doesn't seem to have made any difference yet :LOL:.
  4. I read somewhere that you'll never see a motorcycle parked outside a shrink's office ...
  5. ^^^ LOL :LOL:

    Probly true
  6. Well could be that his reaction to riding is scaring him so much hes on the verge of passing out.. :p
  7. Lies. I have disproven it :LOL:
  8. well if you ever do see a bike parked out the front of a shrink's office its because the rider has gone inside to find the nutcase who nearly ran him down moments earlier....
  9. It's surprising how many counsellors ride!
  10. GPX250?
  11. Actually it was a real bike, a Suzuki GS125 :wink:
  12. It could have a lot to do with a persons actual approach to riding too. If you are riding hard it may not be an effective relaxant.

    Hornet600, the article sounds interesting. It isn't accessible via the internet, any relevant facts in it. Maybe you need to read it while riding your motobike - I reckon you'll notice the difference then.

    I can't imagine any doctors admitting to the fact that bikes are good for you in public. It might change everyone's view of motorcycling from a thrill seekers risky choice to a healthy lifestyle choice that everyone should be participating in.

    I think motorcycle manufacturers should fund a study into this phenomena! No one else will.
  13. Hey Paul ... could you scan that article for me? I gotta show it to the minister for finance and recreation :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Well, riding certainly used to keep me thin. After petrol, tyres and chains, there wasn't much left for food :grin: .

    A steady income has changed all that, alas.
  15. But there was a case on a doco a few years ago about grey nomads, about a shrink who started riding, then gave up his practice and hit the road to spend the rest of his days touring around the country!
  16. OK. I've scanned the article in BIKE.

    Now my problem is, how do I make it available?

    Photobucket will only do images, so that's out......
  17. Do you have a website you could put it on? If not I can throw it up on mine.
  18. My uncle Danny has a GPZ900R. He is a shrink. He often commutes on it.

    Another myth busted :)
  19. I have web space too, Paul, so if you want to e-mail the article to {my nickname} at gmail.com I can throw it up (should I rephrase that?)

    I think the 'no bikes outside shrinks' was related to patients and mental health... bikes *owned* by shrinks testify that the professionals recognise the benefits! So nope, myth not busted yet.
  20. OK, here's that article from Monsieur le Hornet: http://www.bravus.com/RidingFit.pdf

    Some of the stuff with dark backgrounds didn't come up so well but can be read by zooming in. Interesting stuff.