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Health & Wellbeing

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by carri27, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. i know we've got a few people into health, fitness, mental health, personal development and spiritual growth here. thought i'd start a thread to share our tips - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

    coupla thoughts from me:

    PHYSICAL - because i don't get my full quota of fruit and veg every day, i have a product called 'vital greens' - powdered organic fruit and veg that you mix in water to supplement your diet

    MENTAL - having suffered with depression on and off over the years i have a couple of fishoil tablets every day and usually have an inspirational book that i'm reading in amongst other stuff. talking with friends is also crucial. isolation is my default and my enemy.

    SPIRITUAL - my spiritual path has centred around buddhism the last 7-8 years. i'm reading a wonderful book at the moment by Pema Chodren the theme of which is moving towards your discomfort, fears, doubts and despair rather than away from, and using them as a way to access your softness, openness and freedom beyond and within.

    Interested in any and all ideas. x
  2. physical, I supplement diet with Spirulina (have been for almost a decade), mentally, I use piracetam(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piracetam), aka as nootropics aka "smart drugs". I'd write more but I was only on the PC for a moment to copy a file and head back to the lounge room.

    I'm a huge "fan" of trying to keep my mental + physical fitness as best as I can in relation to my life(style), I'll write more when I'm at the computer next.
  3. Seems this thread might have gotten missed in the mix...

    Carri, I've been taking fishoil for years to help keep my joints lubed... where did you read that it has a mood stabalising effect? ...I normally suffer some winter SAD's, but in winter 2009 I was cycling every day and winter sailed passed with barely a blip on my mood... I think that was all down to endorphins.

    Exercise is an important part of mental and physical health.
  4. heya. thanks for thoughts rob.

    good link about effects of fishoil on anger, depression and other mental health here: http://www.oilofpisces.com/depression.html. loads of other info around. interestingly i was only taking 2 a day when a friend of mine said he was trying to give up sugar and having 6 a day to reduce cravings. i regularly now have 4-6 and i don't know about anything else, but my skin feels amazing!!! for vegos, i believe flax seed oil has a similar effect.

    i agree with you about winter rob and i also spent a winter or two jogging or swimming heaps and it made a massive difference. i'm struggling now as a working mum to regularly find that extra time for myself.

    i'm also with you undii. i have heaps of spirulina. i'm interested in the piracetam. is it across the counter?
  5. ooh, and i've discovered dried blueberries and cranberries at the supermarket. both great sources of antioxidants without the 'going-off-in-your-fridge-in-24-hours' factor :)
  6. Piracetam isn't around the corner and it seems the FDA has just got around to banning it [from lobbying from 'public' vitamin companies :roll:] I used to just buy it from bulk powder/vitamin online places and order 1-2 years worth at once which I did once I saw FDA were going to ban it and a couple places had clearance sales literally to sell it before it became illegal to, went nice and cheap too, 40% off I recall.

    It's definitely helped me with keeping my reactions good/great especially being on a boat load of pain meds, I seem to miss most/all of the negative side effects from them. I also take a couple fish oil tablets to supplement my diet, along with spirulina as mentioned. Mainly as Rob mentioned, exercise is great for wellbeing but I can't do anything than a normal walk and no more than about an hours worth due to my shoulder giving me grief if I jog or walk longer than an hour at a time. So I don't get anywhere near the exercise I used to pre off, but I swim 2-5 days a week, well that was until Xmas stuff got in the way, I'll re-start the pool in the new year.

    Mentally for me, piracetam has been GREEAAT, I've read some schools want to ban intake from students as a "cheating" thing, yeah, you don't want students having better clarity of thought + memory retention do you *sigh*