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Health Insurance for when things go wrong.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by takagawa, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. I'm still only 20 years old. I really haven't thought about it until recently. I've gotten the bike full comp insurance all settled. But then what about private health insurance for when things just don't go your way.

    It's a pretty macabre subject, and I realise it was probably a... hmm... not a really good thing to talk about to your mum, especially when they still disapprove of you riding :roll:. But anyways, I'm unsure of what the TAC premium covers.

    I think at the very least ambulance cover is important. But being new entrant on this game we call 'Life', what's does private health insurance offer for a motorcyclist?
  2. So what does TAC cover? The TAC website is surprisingly lacking in information.
  3. Private Health insurance is worth it if you are working......you don't have to pay the medicare levy in your tax return and if like me you get hte extra cover and claim Chiro visits through the year you might just come out ahead.

    I didn't think Ambulance journeys were covered by the TAC its usally the first cost and gnerally puts you have the threshold for TAC to start covering your later expenses. :?

    In any case I've got Ambulance cover and private health insurance as well as having a current rego. Now Murphy is going to struggle.
  4. Try here
  5. In addittion to what Marty says, your private health insurance won't even cover you if you fall off the bike. All insurance has a clause saying that they won;t cover if you are entitled to another form of cover (eg. TAC), so even if you put in a private health insurance claim they will deny it if it's covered by TAC. Likewise if you have income protection insurance .. if your covered by TAC in this regard, your private income protection insurance won't cover it. (as I recently found out)

    As to what does TAC cover .. everything is the best way to describe it. With the provision that you have at least 1 nights stay in a hospital. If you don't then TAC only pays after you have personally incurred the (almost) first $600 worth of medical bills in relation to your TAC covered accident. TAC covers ambulance, hospital, surgery, radiology, rehabilitation (physio etc.), 80% of income if you cannot work, follow-up medical/doctor appointments, living aids (cructhes, shower seats etc.). They also cover the likes of home help (nursing, cleaning, maintenance etc.) if you need it. All you do is ring TAC, and lodge a claim over the phone and they'll give you a claim number and mail out a booklet (about 12 pages) to fill in to provide all the details. If you come of bike on a public road, it's a no brainer and your covered for sure. You just provide the TAC claim number you get to all suppliers and doctors etc. I never even saw a bill/invoice for my recent ambulance ride, hospital stay, and surgery. Just crutched out of the hospital a week later when I was discharged. Just gave TAC number to physio, doctor, and supplier of cructhes and 'gimp' furniture :)

    So if your private heath insurance thoughts were only for if you come off bike (as oppossed to protection for other life incidents), then don't bother. You'll be more than fine with TAC and we really have a great system here in Vic.
  6. Hey this TAC job sounds pretty damn fine... anyone know if there is a queensland equivalent?

    thanks. -s.
  7. You have Joe Bjelke-Peterson and Pauline Hanson, what more do you want? :LOL:

    No, QLD doesn't have a similiar scheme. Yours is like NSW where you have compulsory third party insurance and you have to go into the law courts to proof fault and get money out of a third party for personal injury. If your at fault, then you have to rely on sick leave, medicare, etc. http://www.maic.qld.gov.au/ has all your details.
  8. Not entirely correct on the income protection part of it mouth. Depends on your IP provider -the one I am in does cover this as I got caught out on my 6 months off work. Lucky I was working overtime at that stage as it meant that 80% was the maximum that they pay -still less than what I was earning but still better than 80% of a standard week.The one I am in has a clause in it that states they will make up the difference even if you are receiving income from another scheme. Cant remember which I am now with but will find out if anyone is really interested
  9. I think health insurance is a crock. I would never be without my ambulance subscription though.
  10. and you are right Kaz.....
    the TAC paid my ambulance trip after the 'off'
    about 8 years ago, my daughter broke her arm very badly
    at Mt Buller skiing....
    so bad..they called the air ambulance for a trip back to Melbourne
    and I am soooooo glad I am in the Ambulance
    The Ambulance service sent me the bill...more than $12,000 :shock:
    for a chopper trip back to the Alfred
    I luv paying my Ambulance subscription
    it is a lot cheaper than $12000

  11. whooaaaa. Damn, ambulance subscription is like $25 a year. Talk about having it paid off.
  12. yeah the ambo subscription rocks and so do the ambo's. great blokes (and chicks) three cheers for the ambo's!
  13. Ambo's are normally covered by private health insurance, but Ambo choppers and flights are not so its worth the $whatever per year for full cover.
    Private health insurance i guess has been covered above but don't forget the finer points to private cover, Saturday called Ambo, hey i thought i got full private cover off to private hospital for me chaps :D
    $150 to get through to emergency, $60 per hour in emergency was there for 3 hours before being transfered to a different hospital and that is'nt covered by basic private insurance but is by full cover.
    Here in Vic for bike splats we have TAC, cant go past it. For everything else if you can afford it full private insurance but then thats an overseas vacation each year to :D
  14. An overseas vacation? Must be a pretty close pretty cheap vacation! I pay $10-95 a week for combination private medical and basic ancilleries.

    And as matt232 said it means you don't pay the extra medicare levy. Which is about the same cost as the basic health cover.

    It comes down to a choice of sending that money to the government as levy or paying it to a health insuransce company. And just maybe the private cover might come in useful. Certainly the extra levy won't!

    The basic combination cover I've got is offered (they are all fairly similar) by several insurers at between $10 and $13 a week.
  15. were paying $170 per month for full family cover but with a higher excess. so yeah a cheap bali trip each year for 1 :)
  16. *Pfft* $10-$13 a week is a tank of fuel for me. I'd rather spend it riding :p

    I was originally turned off health insurance when I looked into it and found out how little you actually get for your money. I'd rather pay for my medical services directly, and to date, I'm in front by $1000s.

    AND, my sister the nurse informs me that all emergency cases get treated exactly the same.... private or not.
  17. very true if you go through public emergency all the same, but through private hospital emergency is a shyte load better and more comfy but you also pay for the priveledge to
  18. Well damn, I should hope so! I'd hate to be standing there with a severed limb and be told to go to the back of the line 'cause I've only got Medicare!! :shock:
  19. Living outside of a major city, private health insurance is pointless. I needed surgery on my knee last year and it was cheaper to pay for treatment in a private hospital than to pay insurance premiums for years without claiming. When my wife was pregnant she was a public patient with the local gyno, and then we paid for 1 day private treatment on the day of delivery. Friends with private cover pay monthly premiums and still shell out when needing treatment.