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NSW Health insurance cover?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Myke, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. I must say this is something I've never thought about, but was recently asked, and don't have the answer.

    Now I know that comprehensive insurance, in general, doesn't cover the bike on the track.

    But what about private health insurance/fund?? Are any hospital charges and follow up procedures / therapy covered? Also what if the ambo needs to transport you from the track to the hospital - is that covered?

    Also do you get charged by the paramedics that patch you up at the track?

    Views from people who have gone through the process/experience would be much appreciated.

    Obviously each health fund is different / read the PDS etc.. I'm just after people's experiences pls. I'm referring to general private insurance btw, not special tranck day type ones
  2. FWIW my health insurance doesn't have exclusions for motorsport or recreational activities... that I can find.
    My Life and Income insurance has exclusions for 'professional' motorsport only, not recreational.
    It's crazy for anyone not to have ambulance cover, let alone a rider. Non member ambulance charges (in VIC) are enormous.
    Medicare should cover hospital treatment IF you are admitted via Emergency. Further treatment via the private system depends on your policy.
  3. Yep re ambulance. Trip from St Kilda Rd to the Alfred, would have been approx 1 km, just over a grand.

    Btw your ambulance cover won't cover you for an accident on the road. You'll have to submit a claim to TAC or, in my case, Workcover. I'm assuming it will cover you on the track???
  4. Ambulance cover works, I can't recall the exact amount nor if it was paid then refunded (the wife takes care of the medical bills and I was not very awake), but it was not a financially painful trip. Apart from the one ambulance trip, I've had a number of scans, x-rays and ultrasounds (mainly for joints) and that was all done with some combination of medicare and private health insurance.

    As Titus mentioned above, I don't recall any exclusions for motor sport.
  5. Ambulance cover is really cheap and Ambulance trips are really expensive, anyone who doesn't get it is playing a VERY bad gamble.

    Health Cover is a completely different story and whilst it's nice to have it's not essential.
  6. Gave my health insurer a call.. and apparently they don't discriminate on how you got hurt lol. and ambulance cover still applies

    But then proceeded to send me the PDS and a bunch of other docs so I can check it myself... just in case.. hmmmm they're not 100% sure themselves... oh well... but it sounds like it is