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Health care insurance

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by random101, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. I was just wondering who has it?

    is it recommended and what would be the best option lol

    i love my "extreme sports" i.e. motoy, wakeboarding, skiing, sailing, mountain biking ect

    so what would be the best cover for under 21...

    dental would be a huge bonus, as would chiro and a podiatrist (the people for feet)

    from what i have seen singles cover is about $50 a month.. :shock:

    any ideas?
  2. I think it would be best if you actually go and speak to a few providers and see what they can provide and what is best for you.
  3. go talk to a few. their prices will vary no end. particularly since u enjoy the 'dangerous' stuff

    i've only got it cause i have to, but now i'm riding i feel better having it.....
  4. HBA have a health insurance package (Active sports saver) which is about $50 per month that covers accidents from sports... should be info on there website about it?!

    I know it covers you for accidentally sustained sports injuries, so I'd recommend that you should check this out as well as with other health funds to see if they have similar covers...
  5. If you're exclusively a road rider, then TAC has you covered for any motorcycling accidents (assuming your rego is paid up :p). Food for thought - but obviously won't cover you for the rest of your sports. ;)
  6. I've had private health cover all my working life. I've rarely used it. When I have it's been handy. Ancillary cover is usually worth crap, particularly for dental cover (and probably explains why we have one of the worst dental hygene records in the "first world"). But some other extras aren't bad value. Depends on what you're looking for, I s'pose.

    I also wear glasses. I get $120 a year towards new specs. Pity though, that they cost me around $600. I only need to replace them every 2 or 3 years, so there's at least 60% of the time that there's a benefit that's useless to me. I'd like to be able to bank those funds from year to year, but it can't be done.

    Same for dental. My wife has an impacted wisdom tooth that requires a hospital stay to have it removed. She can't get it done til July which is the scheme's anniversary date, because she's already had some dental work done (caps and tooth extraction). So, we either pay a few grand to get it done, or suffer in pain til July. Hopefully by then she won't end up a Panadene Forte addict.

    In an emergency situation you'll be shunted into a public ward and get whatever attending is, well, attending at the time. Usually, if you have private health cover and say, (Melbourne) Epworth or Knox Private's on the list it might cost you more to stay there than what it would if you went in as a public patient, for recovery following surgery.

    I have to have private health, otherwise my Medicare levy is slugged an extra 1 or 2 percent because of my income level. I have to wonder if it's worth it for young people, particularly those under 30 who aren't penalised as much as older people who choose not to take out private health cover until later on in life.

    What IS worth it is ambo cover. Probably one of the best insurance plans around. Costs you bugger all a year (free with some health insurers) and if you need it, then you're larfing, so to speak.

    For Victorian motorcyclists, TAC covers all, including rehab, ambo costs, hospital stay and so on. If you're into other sports, then the ancillaries may be worth the expense, IF you think that you're a high risk.
  7. MBF top level and have done so since I was a teenager. I would never even dream of not having health insurance personally - just IMO. Try www.iselect.com.au and compare some providers.
  8. i just had my wisdom teeth out and an exposure so i copped $3k for that..

    need a bit more dental work but yeah, interesting to see people thoughts on health care insurance
  9. I have Australian Unity Hospital and Extras cover, sort of a middle level cover. That covers me for a private room in a public hospital or a twin shared room in a private hospital (with a wide list of no gap hospitals and providers). The electives cover most items but are pretty ordinary when it comes to dental (that's pretty much the case right across the board).

    The main reason is that the waiting list for 'elective' surgery in the public system can be huge and working in our own business I see it as insurance that could just minimise my time away from work.

    The advantage that Australian Unity have over some other providers is that it is a not for profit organization and that means a mix of cheaper prices, better service and more benefits.

    There are other providers that are also good though.

    Shop around the packages and prices vary hugely and the cheapest cost is seldom the best.