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Health benefits of motorcycling

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. It's not what you'd call a robust article or paper - could do with a few references, but for what it's worth, here's a bit of a spiel about how riding keeps you healthy.


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  2. I am buying these benefits :D even without the references ;)

    Because I love riding regardless!
  3. I remember an article that mentioned bone densities being greater in older riders too. Particularly those that spent a lot of time on big old singles.
  4. However, their hearing is stuffed :rofl:.

    I'd be surprised if you could make a case for riding improving health IN ISOLATION. The archetypal pictures of fat Americans on their Harleys, cruising the turnpikes between burger stands are not exactly encouraging. However, I would certainly think that riding, combined with a healthier life-style would be a very good thing.

    For myself, coming back to riding seven years ago and homing in on my 63rd birthday, I do believe riding is very good for my mental agility; being forced to concentrate on every aspect of the journey, not just thinking about the destination, I believe keeps my brain active. I am concentrating on trying to MEMORISE roads I ride regularly as part of this discipline.
  5. I read a similar article about riding to work stimulating your brain a while back.

    For me, the health benefits in terms of reduced stress from sitting in a car in traffic for 40 minutes each day is worth the risk alone.
  6. You will not have long term affects of stress if you commute on a bike. Either you forget about work and focus on the ride, or you get hit. This is a simple relaxation technique.

    The study obviously fails to control for the fact that you have to have higher cognitive abilities in the first place to ignore the TAC warnings and go and get a bike.

    Personally, I have built up a few neck muscles that I never needed before but I wouldn't think that is helping my long term health.
  7. LOL Stick around ABNS. :)

    Those fat americans are probably the least stressed macca munchers. :)

    Just harking back the theme in the OP, Night Owl put up a thread a while back about the physical health benefits of off road motorcycling. I've seen some more stuff recently about that - a good day out in the dirt will leave you very well exercised. I might have to get dirty :)
  8. That's old but really great article .I love with riding ...
    IMHO the best health benefits of motorcycling is this that you can easy put ON weight with out any junk food or medicine.
  9. Second that all around.... speaking as an older rider, coming back into riding at the age of 56, after a layoff of more than 25years. I am a surgeon in a country hospital and when I announced to my staff that I was back on 2 wheels you should have seen the horrified faces and the shocked "NO's ". However very soon they saw that I was SO enjoying myself that they all relaxed.

    I dont know of the actual physical benefits, but I do know that it motivates me, Its a powerful emotional driver and gives me the push to work into something constructively. Thanks to internet resources such as Netrider there is so much information and GOOD advice available for blokes like me. I have been STUDYING motorcycling techniques earnestly for the last couple of years and have even come down to the point where I do idly think of doing track days. And even more mischievously I find myself studying "wheelie technique"... What did Bryan Adams say " 18 till I die"
    I cant say there's much weight watching on trips, but youre on the road with your mates, who cares.. so keep on riding, stay safe .

    one of the the sayings that best sums up our passion, is the footnote of a member on another forum which I might quote here " ONLY A MOTORCYCLIST KNOW WHY A DOG HANGS HIS HEAD OUT OF A CAR WINDOW.,
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  10. Now if that doesn't capture the essence of how riding can bring a positive change to ones outlook and mental health, then nothing will.

    Welcome to the club Dr Jay. :)
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  13. I read a book called 'The Happiness Hypothesis' by Jonathan Haidt. Some of it is kinda kooky but there is a massively useful component which draws on research into job satisfaction, which is called 'flow':

    (from http://lfp-blog.com/happiness-hypothesis/happiness-hypothesis-part-6-of-10-finding-flow/)

    This is what I experience when I ride a motorcycle. It has been as effective in my own battles against depression as anti-depressant medication has been... indeed in my experience the two complement each other.

    To put this in another light, every time my wife sees one of those TAC ads she worries about me. When she sees some of the footage I film on my bike of cars being morons, she worries about me. But she will not let me sell my bike because she sees the positive impact it has on my mental health and wellbeing. Yes she is one in a million, but she's also pretty smart... she sees what works.
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  14. I've tried to use this study to get my employer to provide company-funded motorcycles to employees. I even offered to let them put their advertising all over them.

    If this ever works, I'll get back to you ;)
  15. more on flow for those who care...

    from http://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/5-life-changing-ideas-from-happiness-research/