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Healtech Gipro Ds Series Gear Position Indicator

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by mattxr, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Fitted a HEALTECH GIpro DS Series gear indicator to my Ninja 300 today.

    Ordered from AMC Motorcycle in QLD, delivered to Melbourne today after ordering on Sunday nights fantastic service. Highly recommend.

    Really easy to fit plug and go, no need to train or anything. Just run the cable in the fairings and away you go.

    Only taken it around the block and run through the gears, seems to work quite well so far. It should really help me as I was finding that I wasn't really sure what gear I was in, particularly when looking for 2nd gear at intersections, and trying to find a 7th that doesn't exist.

    Will add some more comments about it after riding around for a couple of days.


    ninja 300 dash 2.
  2. Nice one, I've been looking at getting one for my track bike, my road bike has one built in and I've become accustomed to it.

    For me it's important because at the track I'm bashing it down 2-3 gears at a time from serious speed. If I've out by one gear in my head it could be catastrophic
  3. They are pretty good, however it can get a bit lost once you have the clutch in, like showing second gear when I know I am in first, this can be fixed by letting the clutch out till it pulls a bit.

    This isn't a big issue anyway, I always check I am in first manually...
  4. Does that GI have the built in TRE?

    I only bought mine for the TRE. Never really look at what gear I'm in as long as it's lowest revs when cruising and premium power range when having a fang. :s
  5. This one is a gear indicator only. I find that it is a quite handy piece of kit, and would purchase again if my next bike didn't have a factory fitted one.
  6. How much did it cost you?

    And I don't understand what TRE means?
  7. Timing Retard Eliminator (TRE) I'm not exactly sure what it does other than improving part of the throttle response.

    I paid approx $150 & $15 for shipping to Melbourne registered post.
  8. TRE gets rid of the certain annoying spots in suzuki rev ranges they are riddled with from factory. Basically put in as a speed/power restrictor, just not as noticeable.

    Yosh boxing my SV gave me HEAPS better throttle response and more linear power, the TRE just made it go that bit harder. I took out my c02 sensor aswell which is just another tree hugger restrictor my bike came with. :(

    It must be a completely personal pref thing, Matt. They still look heaps sick of a night when you pull up at traffic lights! ;)