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healing my bike.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by smiley235, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Hey all, with the weather turning to shit in melbourne, I figured now would be the time to do something about my bike. I can tell the engine is sick, it keeps going but has no heart and really struggles sometimes (wierd sounds, power drops). Anyway, I was thinking of getting the engine reconditioned so it runs like new. So i'd assume they might have to do some work to the bottom end. Anyway, how much would I be looking at and whats a good place in melbourne, and would it be worth taking the engine out myself and taking it to them.

    Also, I need some new fairings and bits and pieces, any good wreckers to go to in melbourne?


    Ps: its a suzuki across.

  2. I'd try and find the cause of the problem before you go simply throwing money at it. What's the mileage on the bike? Lack of power could be an engine problem (compression check would help confirm this) - but could also be something as simple as a problem with the carbs or electrics.
  3. well, I had the bike serviced by honda and to be honest it still wasn't running very well. The bike has done nearly 70,000km's. I'll try a compression check soon then.
  4. Ahh okay, 70k is getting on a bit, but a compression check will confirm if it is worn out or not.
    Of course this would be a perfect opportunity to fit the barrel, pistons and whatever else is needed from a grey import GSX400F ;) (GK74A engine).
  5. haha, dont give me too many ideas.

    So with my compression tester, as long a keep the ignition (key) in the off position, I should be able to crank the engine using the starter relay?
  6. Easier to just have the ignition on but disconnect the CDI unit (though not sure where that is or how easy it is to do on an Across). Don't forget to remove all the plugs and to have the throttle fully open when you do it to get an accurate reading.
    If it is low add some oil into the top of that cylinder and try again straight away - if the reading's higher the second time it's a sign that piston is worn out (as opposed to the valves not seating properly).
  7. great, thanks for the info jd.
  8. Save your money. Spend it on your next bike.
  9. I dont want to spend too much on it, just so that when I sell it, its running nicely and I can fetch 2.5k for a running learner bike. Guy at work reckons its the carbs and something about the jets.
  10. nice link :), maybe rebuilding the carby is the way to go.
  11. Its easy to do, and a pretty common thing to fail afaik. Might as well clean the carb and check the internals, At the very least you can cross it off your list.