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Healight modulator for 7" headlamp with H4bulb

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Mr Owl PhD, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. There appears to be a plethora of modulators available with conflicting information about how they are wired, some say they don't need any splicing then they tell you to splice it somewhere or otherwise alter the wiring.

    Can anyone recommend a modulator that will fit inside the housing of a standard 7" headlamp connecting to a standard 3 prong H4 bulb.

    Preferably someone who has actually installed one in a 7" standard round headlamp housing. Hopefully with the minimum of wiring.
  2. I'd suggest that headlight modulators, legality in various Australian states aside, are a bad idea for one major reason: just like riding on high beam all the time they make it harder for other road users to judge how far away you are and thus MORE likely to pull out in front/on top of you. Ultimately the choice is yours, but there's good reasons they're not standard equipment on even top end bikes.
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  3. In which it was established that State legislation in NSW (and Victoria, and other states) allow headlamp modulation.
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    and some discussion.. :)

    the wiring needs to be interrupted somewhere, either at the bulb (if there is space), or at headlight relay (if you have one).
    not hard to wire up.
    do you want it switchable? switched on for X seconds with single push? daylight sensing?

    plug and play, compatible with GS500
  5. I'd be worried the flickering causing a driver to mistake it for blinking full beams and pull out on you.
    Personally I'd bolt on some DRL's to give some more depth perception to the eyes and give the bike some more bulk.
  6. Yeah, I did look at that one but I was also looking at this one Headlight modulator - Double Eagle Single H4 bulb and if you click on the 'specifications tab they list the one you linked to as one that you don't want to get. But of course everyone has their agenda. Which is why I was hoping to get some direct experience from someone who has actually installed one inside a 7" round headlamp and what problems if any they encountered.

    They are legal in QLD and they have to be daylight only which is all you'd want, they go so fast at 4 times per second that they don't really flash on an off they just er modulate. From the youtube videos I've seen they definitely ad considerably to daylight visibility.