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Healesville to Kinglake

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by oztom, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Whatever the twisty road is going from Healesville to Kinglake, they were doing road work on it today.
    They now have dirt all over the road, i think it will be that way until the next big rain.

    But at the moment, its a deathtrap.

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    There's two roads from Healesville to Kinglake, Myers Creek rd & Chum Creek rd. Which one?
  3. Probably Chum creek road, Myers creek rd never seems to get any attention
  4. I just looked it up on a map, its looking like Chum Creek.

    You can stil get away with riding up to Kinglake, but the ride down is not good.
  5. I like Myers creek rd better anyway, the tunnelled vision the trees create make me feel like I'm going faster!
  6. Last time I rode it Myers was in better shape also :)
  7. Well that's a nice change :)

    They used to fill potholes with gravel and nothing else
  8. Bugger was thinking of heading out that way this weekend

    Guess the obvious thing to do is let someone else go firs and slow down if they crash
  9. tec it. if all the learners make it through you should be ok ;-)
  10. ha! and who ever said chivarly was dead?
  11. We're about to do chum creek road. I'll report later what it's like... If we make it...
  12. Okay what they've done is dig out the gutter on one side of the road. The traffic has done a pretty good job of clearly the dirt. There is slight orange dust in the middle of the lane coming down hill. It shouldn't cause any problems.
  13. WTF? Whatever happened to riding to the conditions? Or riding only as fast as what you can see ahead?
  14. Double post.
  15. so Roarin, you do not aggree with reporting road conditions?
  16. To be completely honest, no, I can't really see any value in posting up such things. Personally, I ride with my eyes wide open, and a reasonable safety margin factored into my rate of progress. But that's just me.
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  17. Yesterday I came into Healsville on Chum Creek ,, and yes its dirty but not a death trap , just take it a little easier ,, like scraping a boot instead of the foot peg ,, seriously tho its not that bad as long as it doesnt rain on the dirt ,, then it will be dangerous.
  18. personally I like a 'headsup' if thats possible, each to their own tho
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  19. And that's fair enough, I don't really need it now either, but we're not the only ones that use this site, some people appreciate the information :)
  20. I got the heads up via another internet format , so I was on the lookout for gravel as per the message that I got ,, all I found was dirt ,, all the same its good to be forewarned so that we can take an extra look at the surface.