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Healesville Railways Show for 2009

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. http://www.hrshow.com.au/

    Netrider is a proud sponsor of this event.

    Healesville Railways Show for 2009
    It's Back Bigger and Better.
    7th, 8th & 9th of March 2009
    We are still on!

    Due the fact that the Healesville Memorial Hall is current being used as relief centre, we have been arranging alternative venus to hold the model displays. Other venus are been measured up and booked but we still wish to us Healesville Memorial Hall, so at this time we recommend that you come straight the Healesville Railway Station to make sure of the model display's location.
    Operating times

    Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 5PM
    Monday 10AM to 4PM
  2. Might make my way to this. Have a certain affection for trains. I've got a "Red Rattler" and "Blue Harris" model carriages. Been after a "Hitachi", "Comeng" or a "Grey Ghost" for a long time with no luck. From what I can gather, no-one makes them.

    Have some other railway memorabilia. Mainly suburban, rather than freight or interstate.
  3. I think I might do the same.

    Wife is working all day, the kids are at my parents for the day, I think a ride is in order.
  4. My 3yr old son is a Thomas and train fan so I'm thinking of taking him to see this. Is this aimed at kids or more for the 'adult' model train enthusiast?
  5. Vic, I didn't know that you liked trains.
  6. I don't Rog,

    I just sponsored the event by getting one of their trains to the display.

    Being where it was and all, it was the least we could do.
  7. ok. cool
  8. Trains are cool..always had a soft spot for them.
    Well done for the netrider sponsorship.
  9. I took my son to this on Sunday. Was good, he loved it. The only downside was the 'trolley ride', was pretty much impossible to get a ride on the thing - 1/2 hr turnout, and theres no way to get a 3 yr old to stand in a queue for 1/2 hr - anyway, they could've made a better arrangement for that.

    On the plus side WE WON THE RAFFLE for the Thomas electric train set!
  10. Make sure that the 3 y.o. gets it. If you play with it, your reputation is ruined.
  11. Are there any pics of the event ??
  12. Pictures of train Sets on NR? Haven't seen that yet.