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Healesville -> Jamieson -> Woods Point -> Marysville

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by kma_jg, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. I have done some parts of this loop, but not the whole thing in one go.

    Before I post the date to do this, I will look at the weather first, because I suspect some parts are gravel road.
    Does anybody have any inputs which parts are gravel/dirt road?
    I don't mind riding the gravel roads, but for the benefit of others who might want to join, it will be great to know and also if it can be done after some wet days.

    The loop starts at Healesville and is 300km back to Healesville.
    The startpoint could be at the regular place in Rowville, but it is TBC.

    Any takers?

  2. A few of us did it last Wed ( 18th Apr )

    Our thread with links to photos we took on the day..

    I can tell you there's some 80-90k of gravel that at times can be challenging..
    In the direction of Jamieson to Woods Point, gravel starts a few k's after Kevington.
    There are a few bits of sealed here and there ( for some reason sealed are 40kph ) and there's a 10k section of sealed moto heaven some 15k before you get to the popular T intersections top of Reefton Spur..
    Most of it is nice and wide but that's due to trucks that use it although we didn't see any apart from the large grading machinery.

    As we've just had some decent wet weather, dare I say you'll come across a lot of slimy, slippery parts, some sections have your typical dirt corrigations..
    A road that comands respect in my book..
    I would allow up to 3 hours from Jamieson to Marysville..

    Having said all that, it was freakin awesome and I will be doing it again some day.
    Also, with it's altitude I'd say road would def have some snow in the colder months..

    CFVFR's photos here..

    Hope that helps..

  3. That is very helpful.
    I heard from Phil that he was going to do a ride Marysville-Woods Point. Didn't realize it was this one.
    Looks like you had fun.

    The plan is to do this in May or June, depending on when I have time and the weather is kind.
  4. Personally I wouldn't attempt it during those months mate. Will be very slippery and lots of dark side cold as Fark bits as well. If you do give your self plenty of time. I've done it on the Strom as well as the Viffer so it can be done.
  5. Yeah Phil will confirm fun.... 8-[
  6. Now there's a story!amongst many of that day!
  7. that time of year Im afraid that the weather wont be kind. If on the other hand you run into a couple of good days, be aware that there would be tight corners on the eildon-jamieson road that wuld not see the light of day for about 6 months a year.

    best of luck with it

  8. #8 kma_jg, Apr 26, 2012
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    Sounds like I'll have to go soon or after the winter.
    Thanks guys
  9. Yes lots of Johan and a few surprises, rocks amongst sand pits being one.
    We had a taste of the c511 with water added thanks to some road works very hairy.
  10. My family live all around this area so do have a little inside info. I haven't had the pleasure of doing this part of the road on the bike yet but have done it several times in the car. You will have snow on the high points, there is snow there today, you will have slippery slimy bits. On the eildon jamison road it turns green down the centre and is very slippery. Sorry didn't want to put a dampener on your plans but be careful.
  11. Couldn't imagine taking that road in a car. Have to be a four by four! You'd cook the brakes!