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Heal quickly, cjvfr

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by itchin, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. Oh mate that really sucks hope your okay buddy let us know how you get on.
    Hopefully the nurses are cute(y)

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  2. Shit..

    That's really bad, Chris.
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  3. Not a good way to end the day Chris. I hope its not too serious and you heal up soon.
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  4. Bugger - hope its not too bad Chris
  5. Let me fix that. There are male nurses too...

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  6. Bugger! Very sorry to hear this cjvfrcjvfr! Hope you are not hurt too badly and will heal up quickly. Hope those doctors and nurses will take good care of you, cute or not, as long as they know their stuff and don't stinge on drugs!
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  7. cjvfrcjvfr

    Here's something to cheer you up.

    itchinitchin might agree too..

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  8. That sucks Chris. Hope there's nothing too serious or permanent.
    Only a block or two from home too. You were probably cruising, thinking about how nice the day was, and capping it off with a drink and your feet up at home.
    I hope you got all the details for the car that clipped you, and your insurance takes care of everything there.
    Take it easy and heal up.
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  9. Bugger!
    Hope you're feeling better very soon.
    Did the driver stop?
  10. Shit that sucks.
    Hope the news is not too bad for you and the bike.
    Were you able to get the driver details
  11. Hope your OK Chris, get on the mend soon (y)
  12. Hope everything works out for you Chris
  13. Sorry to hear that news Chris.
    What a bugger, I hope you are back on your feet and bike soon.
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  14. All the best Chris.
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  15. Bugger! Hope the damage to you and the bike is not too severe, and you both heal up completely.

    Insurance I hope, at least for the bike?
  16. Hi Chris, Sorry to hear this news. Let us know how you get on, and if your in hospital, if your up for a visit?
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  17. Sorry to hear this Chris, best wishes for a speedy recovery
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  18. that sucks chris :(

    I wish you all the best, I hope to see you on a bike ASAP :p
  19. yeah dude
    i hope you rode it home
  20. Unfortunately it was an ambo for me. Still in Austin, they have fitted a cam boot, The physio wants to see me do laps tomorrow then they will let me go home. I will be out of the game for a while. :(
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