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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nelda, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. So, this morning on my commute (it's been raining), I was overtaking and suddenly my steering go berserk, going from left to right for several times. What cause this?
    The road condition: wet.
    Bike: Speed triple.

    Is it because I pulled too hard and somewhat do a 'wheelie' without me realizing it? luckily I didn't come off, thanks to relax arms....

    Can anyone enlightened me?


  2. Something spilt on the road? Tyre wear or pressure?
  3. sorry to include other details:
    The road is about 5% incline

    Tyre pressure is around 38psi.
    Doing prob about 70kmh when i try to take over.
  4. Sounds like a small tank slap?
  5. Ah yes.
    I believe that it is a tank slap.
  6. You said you were overtaking, so you were probably accelerating. This probably caused your front wheel to lift slightly, just skimming the ground, or you may have hit a small bump or imperfection on the road and that may have caused your front wheel to leave the ground. While the front wheel is in the air you may have given a slight steering input which caused the wheel to be off centre when it touched the ground. I'm not sure why (I hope someone else will explain why) but this caused the tyre to grip on that side and then suddenly to let go and grip on the other side, and then it continues doing this until it corrects itself.
    A headshake is just a small version of this, the handle bars just shake as the name says, but it can lead to a tankslapper (where the handlebars go violently from left to right, from full-lock to full-lock).
    The road being wet probably would have contributed to the grip etc. When either of these happen it's not a certain "omg you will die" situation, as you found out. And as you said relaxed arms help, you are not supposed to fight it. Shutting off the throttle is bad too, in fact holding the throttle steady or opening it slightly helps. It's a self correcting thing, you just let the bike do it's thing.

    If anyone sees something wrong with this post please feel free to point it out, I'd appreciate it!

    Edit: I think the way the front wheel grips from left to right has something to do with the front and back wheel being "out of line" whilst going straight...
  8. maybe you jus went over those white broken lines on the road and loose friction on the front tyre?

    those things can very slippery on wet days. and also those black TAR that they seal the cracks on the roads with.
  9. I believe I must have hit a lump. But the thing is, I don't feel any bump.
    Maybe I'm over zealous and i do a bit of wheelie.

    All I know is I'm overtaking and blam.
    When it happened, I way passed the white line. I'm already in the other lane for sometime before it happens.
  10. You could have Parkinsons. Id get it checked out.
  11. This is pretty much exactly what a steering damper trys to prevent, right?
  12. :LOL: :LOL: