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Headset for Solo rider

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ltflippy, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Hi
    I spend about 1hr every day riding to work and want to be able to listen to music and take phone calls. I listen to music off my phone. What is the best device/ set up for this? I dont really ride in groups of have a need for bike to bike communication though if the device has this that is fine i jsut want the best device for my needs. ie volume and ability to make calls easily and recieve calls easily or listen to music. Any suggestions would be helpful?

  2. I have just got a Sena SMH10 and it does all of that and has the big advantage of being able to be connected to earbuds (with Helmet Clamp Kit sold separately) so that you can run them or plugs with sound through.

    Uses normal BT 2.1 and works both with music and phone and is loud enough to be able to talk interact.

    Good set.

    Cheers Spocky
  3. There are literally hundreds out there on offer from fleabay to reputable stores/online.
    Basically expect to pay about $150 and up for something worthwhile, you'll wnat somethimg thats A2DP for the stereo music too, we hgave these on runout special http://www.dmme.com.au/Clearance_sale.htm at the mo :angel:
  4. Thanks for the responses
  5. I bought one of these about a year ago


    It's a good price but needs to be charged regularly to maintain good volume
    The sound quality is OK but nothing to get excited about
    People on the other end of the line don't know your on the bike (full face helmet).
    Contols are OK but need a bit of getting used to - not sure if they were really considered with gloves in mind.

    I've had it for about a year and now the charge doesn't hold very well. Need to recharge it every couple of days and my commute is only about 20mins. At first though it would hold its charge for a good couple weeks.

    I have recently purchased this Parrot SK4000 from the states for around $80 delivered. Although new they are an old unit and previously received some good reviews - not sure how they stack up against the modern units (happy to let you know when I get it) but for the price and the fact that I don't treat this stuff with much love, I'm not prepared to invest $100+ on this type of stuff. Not sure how I feel about the remote control unit that attaches to the handle bar but sure it'll be easier than trying to find buttons on the side of a helmet.

  6. Are these hard to install?

    Are they easily transferable over between helmets? (not ocasionally, maybe once or twice every half year)

    Are there videos showing you how to do it?

    I'm looking at purchasing one over the next few days
  7. Edited
  8. What's the music quality like? (i know it's a vague question and now really measurable, but say at speeds around 70-80kmph)
  9. Up and over $1.00 very good nd clear. Obviously dpends on speaker placement, helmet etc etc, but there is PLENTY of oomph, and quality.
    You wont be DOOF DOOFING wid da boyz at da lightz.
    BUt you'll be rocking in your helmet :)
  10. Hmm.. so If I don't want to use the intercom, would i still need the module being stuck onto the side of my helmet?

    I got a carbon fibre helmet for the weight reduction, and sticking this on it kinda defeats the purpose.. I am using sennheiser in-ear wired earphones at the moment, however this makes calls impossible because all the other side hears is wind :rofl: .. ah.. feel sorry for that vodafail survey dude...
  11. :rofl: probably deseved it :rofl:

    just listening to music the Sennheisers have it covered, BUT if you want to use the phone then you'll need something attached and a mic in the helmet hence the above stuff.

    PS anyone with an iPhone 4S forget trying to cable it in for phone use ](*,)
    ANY other phone with a cable plugged in (with mic on it) disconnects the phones mic, but apple in their "wisdom" neglected this on the 4S and caller gets all sorts of noise from the phone as well you from the wire =D>
  12. Works alright with the Bluetooth tho. I use my 4S with my bluetooth headset, and people can hear me fine. Phone is in my jacket pocket.
  13. ... But it looks so bulky... How much does it weigh?
    Would you happen to have any pics of it being stuck to a full faced road helmet by any chance?

    Ah that explains the crackling, swiping and ruffling sounds.. :grin:
  14. Yes Greydog CABLE is useless ](*,)

    Hows this Archeon, they weigh bugger all and are relatively streamlined too

  15. whoops..

    My left ears buggered, so i'd imagine that this can be attached to the right too yeah?
  16. :rofl:

    its actually STEREO so there are 2 speakers, one for each ear LOL
  17. ah so the cable going into the helmet doesn't really matter in terms of where the speakers are situated!

    Express delivery?
  18. yes on both counts, wiring for speakers will go around the helmet to the other side for earpieces, mic will reach the front too =D>

    Express post makes it just about everywhere next day