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VIC Heads up monash freeway between Warrigal road and Burnley st

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. I was pulled up by a burgundy unmarked BMW bike just after the Burke road entry ramp this morning because I witnessed 2 bikes stopped in the emergency lane and was pulling over to render assistance, then noticed that they were saddling up so I then got back onto the road and went on my merry way. Then I look in the mirrors at blue and red flashing lights emanating from under the BMW which was one of the bikes that were stopped.
    Police person comes over and says that many complaints have been made about bikes using the emergency lanes on the freeway and said I was in the emergency lane.
    I smile at him and told him honestly that the reason I entered the lane was because of the 2 stopped bikes and was going to render assistance as is the riders creed about helping fellow riders then when i saw all was well I went on my merry way.
    He said that was fine and was writing it all down in his notepad after a quick license check.
    We had a conversation about the Burgundy bimmer and the little fairy lights that are bright blue and red and I asked him if he enjoyed ridng this bike which he said was a heap better and more fun than the big white marked bikes they usually ride.
    He bid me farewell and we went on our way.

    Goes to show not all police are arseholes and a little bit of honesty will get you a long way.

  2. All on the Monash:

    This morning I saw a marked bike booking a VX commodore just inbound, a few metres past the Toorak Rd overbridge. The mere fact he was doing that was causing a lot of rubber necking.

    I also saw an L plater getting booked last week for lane splitting, somewhere just past Warrigal Rd.

    And of course there is regularly a HP sitting in the middle taking Kodaks or pointing the hair dryer in between Foster and Blackburn Rds (where the roadworks are)

    Take care people, they're out there and making there prescence felt.
  3. I had the misfortune to be hauled over with another rider this morning... I also saw two other riders get hauled over. It was by the red bmw. The guy was reasonable about what was going on. I'm not sure that I agree with what he said but then again I'm not making the decision to pull people over and what criteria to use. I was informed that there could be a fine in the next couple of weeks. Does anyone know how much the fine is and how many points that is worth? He mentioned it being a dangerous driving charge - passing on the left.. ~shrug~ I know we aren't supposed to lane split so I'm not bemoaning the bloke doing his job.
  4. Re: Heads up monash freeway between Warrigal road and Burnle

    hey hey I think I saw you! when I drove pass (I couldn't ride today because I needed to wear a suit and pickup a mate tonight) I was thinking you poor bastard and damn coppers. But looks like I was mistaken .
    Sorry Mr Policeman. :grin:
  5. Hmmm. If they're booking people for lanesplitting on the Monash, I might take the train for a few days...
  6. Plod told me it was a blitz on emergency lane usage.
  7. Booked for lane splitting on a multi-lane road? That's quite harsh, unless of course you over taked to the left of someone in the far left lane. Were you indicating? Go over the white line a few too many times?
    I've lane split on the Calder/Tulla fwy frequently with cops on bikes. Never once have they called me on it. Even when I had to go slightly over the white line because of idiots in cars who lane hog.
  8. What? Get booked for lane splitting? Are you filtering on the left where the emergency lane is?

    If I am filtering on a multilane freeway, had my indicator on, riding as slow and safe as possible.. I also have to make sure I don't cross the white line on the right hand side of the car? You talking about the broken white lines in the middle or the one on the far right?

    Damn.. have to be careful from now.. Been filtering on Eastern.
  9. Not me thank dog.

    Bastards you have to split on the Monash it's a bloody car park most of the time. Oh well if I get caught will cop the fine it's gotta be safer and quicker [also more fun] than sitting amongst the cages for hours. :mad:

    I am a bad bad boy :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Re: Heads up monash freeway between Warrigal road and Burnle

    I ****ing hate people who make formal complaints about people doing something, just because they don't like it.

    Filtering isn't noisy, doesn't hurt anyone, dosn't damage property (if done properly) - these people are just petty worthless pieces of shit.

    Did those people report what they saw straight away?
    ... did they use their mobile phone?
    ... were THEY fined for using their phone in a moving vehicle?
  11. Re: Heads up monash freeway between Warrigal road and Burnle

    Aren't the complaints just for use of the emergency lanes? I see bikes and cars using them. At least a few times a week. Its pretty dangerous since people normally would think there is no one on there.
  12. Re: Heads up monash freeway between Warrigal road and Burnle

    Hate to say it but even though i am a rider myself it shits me to see riders going down the emergency lane. It is called that for a reason! for emergency not your own private lane.
    Lane Splitting i have no problems with and i do it myself. Riding down the EMERGENCY lane is another thing.
  13. I'll say it again because it seems some people jump to conclusions.
    The complaint was made about bikes using the emergency lanes NOT lane splitting
  14. Yep told ya :) now its in big red writing too.
  15. Let's look at the chain of events here.
    - a number of bikes start shooting down the emergency lane (and no doubt a few cages try to follow them). I've noticed this starting to happen more and more lately, too.
    - Cagers get the sh!ts with this and some of them makes complaints to the cops. Reasonable complaints IMHO - bikes don't need to use the emergency lane.
    - cops are obliged to act, start pulling over the culprits. And while they're there, pull a few splitters as well. Look at it from their point of few for a minute - they can't very well ignore it in front of all those angry cagers, can they? I reckon most cops would love to ignore splitting, but in these circumstances they just can't.
    Thanks heaps to those stoopid riders who just had to show everyone how smart they were by going down the emergency lane. Did us all a favour, didn't ya?
  16. Lane splitting DOES NOT EQUAL riding in the f*cking emergency lane.

    It's an EMERGENCY lane. If you can't lane split properly, then wait in f*cking line with the sheep.
  17. Re: Heads up monash freeway between Warrigal road and Burnle

    Couldn't have put it better myself.

    Anyway, the emergency lane's usually littered with bits of truck tyre and all sorts of crap. And if a cage decides to pull into it (eg to break down) they're hardly going to check their mirror to see if there's a rider coming up behind them. Nor should they have to!
  18. Re: Heads up monash freeway between Warrigal road and Burnle

  19. Okay, maybe I could have expressed that better.

    I was trying to say something like "it's not reasonable for you to have to contemplate a bike firing up the emergency lane on your left when your car's engine's just died, you're seriously concerned about the Kenworth that's about to arse-end you at 100 k's and you really really really want to get off the goddamn freeway pronto and call the RACV".

    Irrespective of the fact that drivers should check their mirror before pulling into the emergency lane, if you're stupid enough to ride there you're the author of your own misfortune if you get taken out.