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heads up for vic riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ronin11, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. commuting to work today, along westgate freeway i got pulled over for lane splitting. traffic was probably moving at 20KPH or less, and had only just taken off. copper on a fully marked bike, lights but no sirens moved up next to me in the emergency lane after id rejoined traffic, honking his horn and signalling me to pull over. i didnt run. after taking my details, he told me he wasnt going to fine me this time. what he did say was that he was going to be on the freeway looking for splitters and other dumb shit for the next few weeks. heads up people.

  2. And let that be the last time you lane splt in the WRX.
  3. awsome. If he's checking for splitters on the westgate, then i can do wheelies* on the Monash.

    *I do NOT condone wheelies in any way.
  4. hey chef.. can i come crash at your place for a couple weeks. raise a riot on the monash if they are all out this way haha
  5. :LOL: :LOL:
  6. thanks for keeping us in the loop!

    Haha, i like the way say "I didnt run".... like anyone can beat a cop on bike that is right on your tail, but for that split second your brain does consider it as an option hey... I wouldnt be surprised if cop bikes now have Turbo's fitted with a back up Nitros kit under the seat.

    I rode a motorbike in the UK a few months ago, and was getting yelled at, harrased and bullied on the road by other bikes and cars FOR NOT LANE SPLITTING... Grrrrr o our silly rules, anyway, this isnt the thread to start a LS debate.

    Its also always a good idea to scan rear parcel shelves of cars when your splitting too.. If you see Red and Blue lights hit the anchors and blend back in.
  7. which section of the freeway?
  8. British Guidelines

    The British publication “Motorcycle Roadcraft†( The Police Riders Handbook to Better Motorcycling) **, notes the following under the topic of “overtakingâ€:-

    When traffic is stationary or moving slowly in queues, motorcyclists can use their manoeuvrability and limited space requirements to make progress. The advantages of filtering along or between stopped or slow moving traffic have to be weighed against the increased vulnerability while filtering.

    If you decide to filter:
    • Take extreme care
    • Keep your speed low- you need to be able to stop suddenly if circumstances change
    • Always identify a place where you can rejoin the traffic flow before you move out
    • Make yourself visible – consider using dipped headlight
    • Be ready to brake and/or use the horn
    • Use the opportunity to make progress but be courteous and avoid conflict with other road users

    Watch out for and anticipate:
    • Pedestrians crossing between vehicles
    • Vehicles emerging from junctions
    • Vehicles changing lanes or U-turning without warning
    • Doors opening
    • Reflective paint and studs which could throw the bike off line
    • Traffic islands
    • Other bikes also filtering

    ** Coyne, P. Motorcycle Roadcraft, The Police Foundation, Sixth impression 2001, The Stationery Office, UK ISBN 0 11 341143
  9. Further to the above - Irish motorcycling advice posted on the Garda (police) website

    Filtering can be defined as overtaking slow moving or stationary traffic and more than any other activity illustrates both the versatility and vulnerability of motor cycle usage.

    It should only be carried out by trained and experienced motorcyclists and
    should never be attempted by novices or newcomers.

    It requires intense concentration and awareness, high levels of observation, machine handling and anticipatory skills and should be done in a considerate manner.

    The questions any rider should ask before embarking on a filtering manoeuvre are;

    • Have I been instructed in the pitfalls and dangers of filtering? (e.g. Raised white lines affecting the stability of the machine, doors opening, cars changing lanes, pedestrians emerging between cars etc.).
    • Is it safe and is it legal?
    • Can I see where I can rejoin the traffic flow before I leave my position?
    • What is my contingency or escape route if the situation changes or things go wrong?
    • Will I cause other road users to alter course or speed to accommodate my manoeuvre?
    • Will I at any stage be completely reliant on the goodwill of another road
    user for my safety?

    More than any other activity on the road, inconsiderate filtering by a rider can result in leaving a trail of resentment in his or her wake.

    The golden rule of filtering is that it should be safe, legal and should be performed at a speed that the rider can stop the machine within the distance he/she can trust to remain clear.

  10. Same cop followed me this morning at around 6:30AM with the red and blues going. I didn't notice until I'd already accidentally lost him going into the Burnley tunnel. I figure he wasn't after me this time. I sure as hell won't be splitting through there for a while.
  11. Thanks for the heads up mate! Guess I better be good for a while...
  12. You should've told him to rather spend his time doing something that would actually improve safety, like booking people for following distance, using mobile phones, changing lanes without indicating etc... :roll:
  13. I actually passed you in my car and wondered if that was the case, funny enough while I was stationary viewing the policeman talking to you I had about 5 bikes lane split past me.

    The traffic was very slow, did you mention the other hundred bikes that also split?

    were you in the e-lane splitting or just your casual split? from word of mouth I heard it was extremely rare for police to pull you over while splitting.

    Thanks for the heads up I ride that way every day.
  14. This, now Day-shifter, rides to work everyday and splits like a man possesed.

    Best I start behaving then ;)

    But yeah, as mentioned, do something that is closer related to safety, like targetting those that read their "homework" on the way to the office, those that eat museli out of a bowl, those women that don't have mirrors at home and need to put on their faces whilst driving etc etc.....

  15. heres a pic i took today of a bike cop and a dude is some really new car having a volatile discussion


    the bike was an unmarked black BMW, the cop was in black leathers, plain helmet and u would not have been able to see his gun or the emblem on his jacket from more than a metre away.

    *edit oops wrong pic
  16. nam.. i was pulled over just on the city side of the ring road merge, right hand lane, travelling inward. he followed me until williamstown road where he got off the freeway.

    i was splitting normally, ie between cars, not using the emergency lane. he came up the emergency lane and waited until he was next to me before letting me know he was there.

    haider.. he bought up the other bikes.. he saw 2 of about a million that split whilst i was on the side of the road.

    he said his issue was i was splitting through moving traffic (even if it was doing 20 KPH.) and if the vehicle in fronts wheels are turning, i can sit in the lane.
  17. I bet that would have guaranteed the op a ticket. He was given a warning. Motorcycle cops are notorious for spotting mobile phone offences and the other offences you mentioned. If he had seen one of them then he wouldn't have given a warning, he would have booked them. I'm sure he would have loved to have had his friendly warning thrown back in his face like you suggested.
  18. Victoria is rapidly becoming a backward state when it comes to road rules, some car divers drive 5-10kph below the limit to avoid a speeding fine and this creates a domino effect if someone over reacts and breaks for little reason. Some drivers sit in the right lane and dont move over (its like its their God given right to occupy the fast lane) this causes some drivers to undertake and make rapid lane changes which accounts to dangerous driving. These events make driving a fustrating experience.

    The Police are reluctant to enforce anything that isnt easily fined - such as speeding (fixed speed cameras - which is automated requiring little manpower) which doesnt help address the real issues on our roads.

    Our plates once said "ON THE MOVE" it seems the Bracksy/Brumby camp wants to completely remove that saying from happening on their watch.

    More to the issue, Lane Splitting has no harmful effects on anyone when done sensibly, and to me from my experiences, the only people who take offence to us doing it are the drivers stuck in their cars at peak time, whom we all pass...

    Visitors from interstate would have to notice the anti progressiveness of Victoria's roads nowadays... I know I noticed the difference in QLD last September...smooth flowing and more efficient ( well, until u hit the Brissy River toll bridge ) but never the less, better than Victoria

  19. LOL,

    right on :p

  20. I do. They're fcukin cool. If you don't do em, you're not cool nor a TRUE biker. EVERY set of lights, pop it up!!!!

    love always