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Heads Up for folks going to the Island!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by LadyYamaha, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Take visor cleaner, stage 4 water restictions means no water in hand basins! (Ladies toilets, only assuming mens are the same!) Hand cleansing is gel dispenser not sure how it would go on visors!

    No change in food & drink prices!

    Road is good in spots! All previous roadwork is now complete! City of Casey roads are very ordinary as usual! Might explain their higher than average road toll! New set of traffic lights at Grantville!

    Twice spotted a MC cop (uniformed marked bike), more worried about the hidden ones!

    Blue lines not in operation tonite probably won't be until Sunday pm!

    Take care & ride safe!

    p.s. Bizarre offs today one on the straight and one in pit lane! Our Johnny O got more than his fair share of announcers time today!
  2. Thanks.

    Doubt the donut munchers will be out of Krispy Kreme by the time I go past them :grin:
  3. yeah! go on and rub it in you lucky bastards!!! :cry:
    I'm baby sitting the kids this weekend. Wife's organising the annual Defence Force Family day on base so instead of SB action I get to experience face painting action and other fun stuff.......woe is me....maybe next year.

    I think I'll go and wash my visor....
  4. Thankyou muchly Lady Yamaha.
    Vic, i'll be right behind you, so if you flush them out, i'll ride by 'em, cheers.

  5. 70 minutes of work left, then it's home to pack my tank bag for the treck to the Island.

    I thought about going for a drink but that would be a bad move. :grin:
  6. Talk about a tease!

    More info please, LadyYam!!!
  7. I've aslready had sh!teload of drunks...hehe,
    first of plenthy of bad mooves this weekand.