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Heads up: Dorset Rd/Burwood Hwy.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nobby, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. To the learner on the red and white CBR250 at that intersection this morning around 630am, three of us , you, me (blue zzr600) and the yellow GSXR.

    If your still alive and reading this, it's no use racing off as soon as the lights go green, if you don't make it across the intersection.

    That intersection is notorious for trucks and cars running the amber/red light, in 4 yrs of commuting through there, I have lost count of the number of accidents.

    Not having a go at you, but if you don't mind the advice, do a head check at any intersection before you blast off. That way you'll be around to enjoy many more years of riding.

    BTW ... cudo's for getting on the bike this morning .... shit day to ride.
  2. Ummmmm ... Dorset & FTG Rds don't intersect ... :)
  3. Probably meant Burwood Hwy. :)
  4. Yep could have too ... Dorset/Burwood Hwy is a nasty one at times.
    As is FTG Rd/Stud Rd .. and a few others round that area ..

    Basically .. as the your light turns green .. always .. ALWAYS do a quick left/right check to make sure nobody is running the light .. makes good sense in a car/cage .. even better sense on a bike .. :) Defensive driving/riding :)
  5. Yeah not very smart to go charging across without looking. Im paranoid about people running lights, good way to be i reckon.
  6. Yup .. has saved me from 2 t-bone's in my riding history.
  7. Burwood hwy/springvale road, and burwood hwy/blackburn rd(?) (near RSPCA)
    perfect roads for tunring green when the turning lane is still going... seen one cage almost (1/2 m) get taken out by a b-double, not pretty.
  8. I reckon you can work out who rides and who drives from what they do at traffic lights. Most bikers do a headcheck as they ride off. Most drivers don't. Totally unscientific mind..

    In the UK, a few years ago they analysed risky behaviours. Whilst bike riders tended to speed a lot, they never ran red lights, as the pain wasn't worth the gain. It seems car drivers thought differently.
  9. The intersection near the RSPCA is Middleborough Rd. But it's the same at the Blackburn Rd intersection (the one by Kmart).