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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by EffZedArgh, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. my globes in the FZR are stuffed, so i went to the local yamaha dealer... cos the bike is an import they said they wanted $87 FOR EACH GLOBE.
    i found this a bit hard to belive, but after a heap of shoppin around, no one else in tassie seems to be able to get them.... and i dont really want to have to pay over $170 just to have headlights. (cos there is 2 globes)
    so my 2 questions are:
    does anyone else in tassie know where i can get them cheaper?
    do you gys on the mainland pay that much for them?

  2. Will the headlight take standard H4 globes? If so, purchase a set of Narva Plus 30 globes. They supposedly are 30% brighter than standard H4s for the same wattage. Will cost about $40 for 2, from memory.

  3. When I blew a globe on my CBR1000F, I went and purchased a standard H4 for it. It took me 10 mins of frustration trying to get the new globe to sit in its socket. I could not get the spring clip over the globe's base as it wouldn't sit quite right. I removed the globe. Its base was identical to the original globe, a 45w/45w standard "Honda" globe. I refitted the original to make sure that I was doing it right. It slotted in perfectly. Did it two or three times to make sure I had it right.

    I then tried the replacement globe. Again, I could not get it to fit. And being behind the fairing, it was nigh on impossible to get to. I needed the hands of a child to get in there comfortably.

    I ended up getting it in, but I could see that it wasn't quite right. But it'd have to do.

    When I compared the bases, while they looked identical, I was told later on that there are some thickness differences, just enough to make it a pain.

    Thing is, I found it almost criminal that Honda would fit as standard equipment, low performing lights on a bike that's capable of 200 km/h plus touring speeds. The headlight, even with the Narvas that I fitted later on, isn't much good for more than 100 km/h. And my previous bike, a 90 ZZR1100 was worse. It had a single globe and I rarely rode it at night, because it was not much good for more than 80 km/h, despite me putting a 130/90 globe in it.

    Next time the CBR blows a globe, I'll get the bike shop to replace it when it goes in for a service or tyres...
  4. Broke a H9 globe on a Holden Cross 8 ute last year (dropped the bloody thing) and a GM-H dealer quoted something like $80 trade, checked out the same item at Bursons and was quoted around $40.

    Guess where I brought the replacement globe from.........

    They use non standard globes at times to make money out of the spare parts they sell.

    PS. Not many people are aware that Holden has a two year replacement warranty on all lights on new cars.