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QLD Headlights required to be on?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by grant81, May 11, 2014.

  1. Im about to go riding in Queensland, NSW. Are you required by law to have your headlghts on all the time over there like NZ is now ? Thanks

  2. Actually, no, only after dark do you need lights on.

    Are you bringing a bike from NZ?

    If you are renting a bike in Oz, you'll probably find that it may well have its headlights hard-wired on, but it isn't a legal requirement.

    For some models of bike, it is quite difficult to "modify" the system to not have lights on, but it is legal.
  3. No, I'm actually borrowing a NZ mates bike there in Gold Coast, In NZ now its compulsory to have headlights on dip during daytime, unless bike pre 1960's or something, Me and another mate riding to Lightning Ridge and about for 10-12 days. Soo looking forward to rideing over there. Thanks for Info
  4. No worries.

    I hope you and your mate gave a great, and safe, trip.
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  6. I was sure headlights do need to be on! If you own a bike made pre headlights hardwired on your OK, but I'm sure all modern bikes need lights on!

    I could be wrong, but that's rare.
  7. It's not a legal requirement AFAIK. Most modern bikes are just hardwired for it.
  8. Back when they dropped the hard wired headlight reg. they made the point that bikes that had hard wired lights could, legally, be modified to make their lights switchable.

    Sorry I don't have chapter and verse for this.
  9. Thanks - I've been educated!
  10. Me too.... I ride a 1990 GSX600F to work everyday and it has a headlight switch, a few times I have forgotten to flick the lights on for the ride home. Thought I was being a bad ass in doing so.
  11. If others can't see you, you are in trouble?
  12. It doesn't matter statistically. That's why it was removed from the ADR.
  13. Yes it the change was based on high Northern Hemisphere data and totally irrelevant to Australian conditions. In fact when traveling out of a low sun it made the situation worse by decreasing contrast. It is no longer an ADR requirement. Being seen on the road is about being actively positioning yourself to be seen. Being aware of blind spots, reading traffic.
  14. I thought they removed the requirement when they decided that high vis vests were a better 'solution'. ;)
  15. The sun never sets in Australia? How is it irrelevant?
  16. Using headlights after dark is not the question. The data the original decision was based on used Swedish studies. Commonly Ice, Snow, Fog mists. High latitude so short days some times of the year and low sun but continuous at other times.

    There are very few places in Australia that have those combinations.
  17. Isn't the argument that low light needs headlights so Sweden should benefit?

    I really doubt that there are many motorcycles riding on the short days anyway. They would be riding on the long days in summer. When the sun is high in the sky
  18. I am saying base Australian regulations on Australian conditions and Swedish regulations on Swedish conditions. The Swedes are the main pushers of the Vision Zero fraud that could see motorcycles considered too dangerous for the general public. I don't have a lot of time for their view of road safety.
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  19. Hi everyone. I am new to Australia. I just bought a bike today, it's 1998 Honda VFR800 FI, and all the way back to home i was searching for the headlight switch to turn them off, but i couldn't... until i found this topic. Also in my bike User manual it says: "headlight switch, except Australia".... and it's no good when you have to start your bike with headlights on... :(