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Headlights not working CBR250RR (Highbeam works)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by jitboy, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Just posting this up to hopefully help a mate. CBR250RR '90

    Seems like some dodgy electrics to me, but as the title suggests his headlights when on Low beam aren't working anymore. However, when we flick the switch to high beam they both work fine. They stopped working one day, and he flicked high beam on and off and they came back. Then the next day, no more low beam.

    - taken the globes out and they look fine.
    - checked out the fuse box, no apparent problems. We've read that the low and high beams share the same fuse also. So if one works and not the other I assume the fuse is ok?
    - yanked open the plastic covering where the headlight on/off switch should be (headlights are permanently on), and found nothing much apart from a dead spider. no remainders of a switch.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  2. Does it use a relay? That would be my first suspect.
  3. Bung in a replacement globe just to be sure, even if the old one looks ok.

    $12 or so.
  4. Can give that a go... but the thing is that both headlights still shine bright on highbeam? But nothing on low. Does high beam use different filaments in the bulb?

    Thanks Cammo, we'll check that out. Not too savy when it comes to electronics.
  5. Man... I have the same problem... with the same bike

    My Normal beams doesn't work... The low beams are like very low...
    The high beams are fine...
    I was thinking of replacing the globe as the globe is probably a two way light for both low and high beam...

    Let me know if you've fixed it...
    I'm thinking of just buying a new one.
    By the way, is it simple to take it out or do I have to do a lot of un-bolting...
  6. Does no one have a multimeter? Check that you're getting power at the connection which attaches to the back of the globe.

    YES the cbr250 has dual filament globes. Check both carefully. You could try hooking up your current globes to a 12v source (car battery) or even directly to your bikes battery to see if they work. There's three pins on the back of the globe, low beam, high beam and earth. (The body of the globe will also be earthed) All you have to do, to test each filament is connect the earth pin or body to the negative on your battery and one of the filament pins to the positive.

    Globe for a cbr250rr last time I bought one was $25btw. Apparently uses an unusual globe.
  7. check the low/high beam switch. It is a circuit after all.. if on low beam the switch isn't connecting it wont work. Since you've checked everything else it seems like the only option to me.
  8. My bike just came down with the same problem. But a slight twist... One light is working but very dim....but the other one is completely gone. High beam works.

    So how did you guys go about fixing them?
  9. http://www.cbr250.com/cbr250/forum/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=18

    if you still having some trouble with your cbr, ask in this forum, alot of cbr250cc gurus in there, might be able to help you out.
  10. Pull globes and give soft flick with finger nail. Look carefully and if shagged filament ( yes there are two in a globe to look for) you have your answer. If filaments OK then get a multimeter and trace circuit. Not uncommon for low beam to fail as it is on all the time and sport bikes put a bit more vibration through the light than a car (hence lower life). With Phillips blue vision (+50) I get about 10,000 - 15,000K but a standard globe will go 25,00 easy.
  11. I had the same prob on my zx7r. Twice actually. Each time it was the flasher relay with water damage. I saw one the other day at Wolfy's, I think they were about $4. On my bike the flasher relay is kept in a little rubber housing just behind the headlight. Good luck!
  12. I found out mine and it was the actual switch since one of the lights is shining very dim.... But i'll fix it up when I fix most things on my bike... I got a long list to go through....
  13. Instead of making a new thread i might as well just post here.
    I have the EXACT same problem, just went out and bought a bloody new relay, it didn't fix my low beam's :(

    How can i tell if the switch is stuffing up?
    I have a multimetre, though i think there is power running to the low beam wires.
    The globes are fine as i tested them with a 12v battery.
    Bloody hell :(
  14. Anyone here been using 55w bulbs in an imported 250RR? They'll burn out your lowbeam switch's contacts. It cant handle the current and the switchgear melts. This is because the lowbeam doesn't use a relay. Highbeam does.

    If you've done this you might need to repair your switchgear/buy a new one. Switchgears can be expensive - your best option would be to purchase a headlight upgrade kit - http://www.eclipze.com.au/headlight_upgrade/main.html

    Also if the switchgear seems fine: When an imported bike is complianced, sometimes they remove the lowbeam switch and wire the headlights on directly (instead of just jamming the switch), in which case you'd need to trace back the wiring.

    Oh and the bulbs for the imported CBR250RR's are 60/35w H4R's. Cost me $30 from a honda dealer, no one else had them (not even a motorcycle store).

    EDIT: its worth pointing out that according to the maintenance guide for local and imported CBR250's

    Aust/UK : 60/55Watt H4 Halogen
    Japan : 60/35Watt Halogen
  15. Well, there's your problem! You need to replace your switch-spider, stat.

  16. Well at the moment, i have the switch apart. The contacts seem ok, they don't look melted or burnt out. So if i have the relay out, the low beams should still work fine ?
    My dad thinks its something to do with the ignition barel, but i dont think so because my parkers still work.

    I don't think the lights are hard wired, but i will have to double check.

    If i purchase the headlight upgrade kit, i assume i will just hvae to hard wire them in?
    Also dad pressed the high beam switch...now it doesn't work, only the passing one does!!! :mad:

    Any photo's or stuff i can post up to make me explain myself more clearly?

    edit: Btw i do NOT think they are hardwired in, as the switch was filled with silicone to prevent anybody from turning the lights off.
    And i do not seem to be getting power to the low beam terminal where the globes go in.
  17. The contacts only need to move a tiny bit (melting plastic) for the light to stop working.

    Measure the resistance across the switch when its set to on. Should be near enough to zero. You could try sticking in some al-foil if the contact has become recessed.

    As far as i'm aware (i don't have the headlight kit myself, but will be buying one in future), the headlight kit bypasses the switchgear. So yeah, its hardwired in. Somehow it determines that the engine's running and activates the lights.
  18. I am thinking the easiest and most cheapest solution would be to hardwire up a switch straight to the low beams. But i am just wondering is this legal??
    It should be right?
  19. Ok, found the problem, was in the switch.
    There are these two little metal plates that are pushed ontot he circuit via springs.
    One of the springs for the low beam was not coming up due to silicone.

    Hope that info might help others :)
  20. It happens when you ride an old flogged-to-death-tooth-rattler.
    Best be stocking up on Auto-Elec type bits and pieces.