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Headlight - WAAAY OFF CENTRE!!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by wonderboy4, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Hi, I have a NINJA 250R and I've got a problem with my headlight alignment. The issue is they point too high, I've aligned them as low as they will go using the screws on the back of the headlight asswmbly as described in my bike manual.

    The thing is I'm supposed to be able to adjust the highbeam so it's focus point is about 70cm from ground when pointed at a wall from the correct distance. But it seems like I'm about 30cm above this even when I turn the screw all the way.

    It makes it hard to see the road at night and when I hit the high beams it shoots off into the trees a bit instead of straight ahead.

    Any one had this problem before?
  2. Depending on how it is mounted, you *Should* be able to add spacing washers which will allow you to adjust it further.

    Is it new? is it old??

    It could be an indication of a repaired crash damage. If its new, go hand it to stevos/whoever and say fix it.
  3. May be a silly question but,
    have you set the static sag / ride height to suit your weight ?

    If you are 'modestly' heavier than a japanese fly, then the standard suspension settings may be too soft for you causing the rear of the bike to sag more than it should which would make the headlights point skyward.
  4. washers aye? that sounds like a nice easy fix, have to take it apart and have a look. Thanks for the tip, I didn't think of that.

    The bike was bought second hand (it's an 08' Model) and it did have some minor damage that was repaired when I bought it, maybe this is the problem?
  5. I didn't think of that, I will have a look. Because I think it might be pointing higher when I sit on it. Just have to work out how to check it!

  6. Will try the washer trick too, mine points up and to the right far more then it ought to, and is adjusted down and to the left as much as i can.
    Yes my pre-load is good, but i am also too heavy for the bike really...
  7. Will you let me know how you go with that Mr Messy? be really keen to know if it worked for you.