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headlight upgrade

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Paulstar, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    I have a FXR250 2KR and its my first bike. It's been good with no real flaws till last night. I went to ride on some twisty roads with a friend of mine and i find. When i enter the corner i look to the end of it but i cant see anything! i can see a patch of road in front of me but that's all my headlight will illuminate.

    I really want to upgrade the headlight so that i can see more distance and more width as well.

    My options (i think)

    Brighter bulbs - looking for suggestions pro/cons

    Ebay HID kit - has anyone fitted it to their bike?

    Or is everyone's bike like this? the road was the old pacific highway so it wasn't lit up.

    Also, do people generally use high beam or low beam or both when twisty-ing?

  2. So i got out there and had a good look. I have H4 35/35 bulbs and an additional small little bulb which does very little.

    I modified one H4 50/60W bulb (i think thats what it was) which is for a car to sit into one of my headlights (double headlight front end). The result is the high beam definitely looks brighter but im not sure about the low beam. I will wait till it gets dark and the check properly :cool:
  3. Careful. When people do this on their imported CBR250RR's, it burns out the switchgear so that lowbeam no work no more. It causes a metal contact to heat up, which melts the plastic supporting it and causes it to recess itself. Also it overloads the alternator at idle which drains the battery. If your bike is wired to have headlights perma-on, it makes it harder to start the bike. Seeing as the japanese copy anything that moves, theres a good chance the FZR's suffer the same consequences as the CBR's.
  4. yeah, i didnt ride it like that after all because i didnt want to be stranded with no headlight!

    Now im tossing up between 35$ or so on Narva plus 50's or $100 on an EBAY HID kit.. HID will be brighter im sure of it. Narva is completely street legal.
  5. Bike mag did a review of different bulb replacemenrs - phillips vision + won it so thats what I have. Definite improvement. I had cheap ones in my SV and they lowbeam stopped working as described.
  6. Headlights on older bikes are a scandal. Even with a 135W high beam bulb in the Hornet, there's still no DIRECTION or pattern to the light, not to mention the fact that when you lean over in a corner none of the light goes where you need it to be, no matter how good the wattage......
  7. I had in my old bike and yesterday put in the new one a Phillips +80.

    HUGE, I mean HUGE difference. Hi beam tells people to GTFO and low beam, next to another bike has a 10-12 mtr longer spray. It aint all fancy white/rice blue, just bright as fcuk, and still normal wattage.
  8. Exactly what I had on my 250 Hornet, and just treated the 600 to it yesterday. Highly recommended!!
  9. I put a H7 HID kit in the Superduke...it is hands down the best thing to do if you want to improve your lights...I had the Philips globes prior and there is a night and day difference. I got my kit from www.hids4u.co.uk
  10. Well i would rather fit HID's and be done with it, im sure the light will be much much brighter and the kit removable if i wanted to transfer it to another bike or whatever so im keen to do that.

    The reason i was kinda of put off is, im worried about buying online and then the gear they send out wont fit into my headlight and ive got a usless kit.
  11. I know one guy who fitted a 50w halogen to his head. Bike riders use them, battery on the frame, thin lead to a light that you can put anywhere, looks like a little eyeball really. Powerful.

    No reason you couldnt have the battery along your arm and hte light on your helmet.. Just look away from oncoming vehicles.

    downside, it *is* nerdly :(
  12. May not be legal... there are restrictions on the height that headlights can be positioned (not to mention the aim of the beam) to avoid glaring out rear-veiw mirrors and oncoming traffic. Not sure if you could argue that your helmet is not part of the vehicle and therefore doesn't count... Don't fancy your chances though - especially since you'll probably point it straight in the eyes of the cop that pulls you over!
  13. I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned relays as a solution to the switch burning problem. Can be purchased from JCAR plus they have suitable wires, connectors and cable ties. If your not sure what I'm talking about, a relay is a remotely controlled electromagnetic switch that is actuated by low current but controls higher current. Thus the relay can be actuated by the stock switches and the power from battery to globes is carried by separate heavier gauge wire. The only thing about relays is they tend to fail with high frequency vibration so should be rubber mounted.
  14. Relays should be used if you are increasing the wattage of anything on a bike/car to protect the wiring from an overload (I know from experience having fried the wiring on my old VK Commodore in the early 90's). Also watch for the extra heat melting or browning out the internal reflectors in the lights themselves.

    Helmet mounted lights would be illegal plus the safety issue of being attached to the bike in a crash.

    HID's are illegal unless installed with self levelling kits which would be beyond most home installers.

    +1 to the Phiilips globes, stumbled across them when I needed a H4 for the car a few months ago and got complaints from friends that the light was out of alignment as it was much brighter than the other (original) light on the other side. I swapped the globe on the other side for the same thing and reckon it is much better. I found them at Autobarn in Elizabeth St in the city.
  15. I have an fzr 250 as well and just replaced the globes in mine. it had 60/55s in it and i found after reading a forum as well as finding out for myself that if your stuck in city traffic not going anywhere the lights will suck the battery dry cos theyre on as well as the fan probably. this happened to me just last week, sitting in traffic for ages (couldnt get through) and it just stalled. Thaught fuel ran out so switched to reserve but that wasnt it. managed to push start but only got down the road and did it again. did manage to get home.
    anyway changed the globes to 45w and havent had any issues yet and best of all they only cost me $4 each.
  16. OSRAM Silverstar 50+

    Highly recommended.