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Headlight replacement?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by HunkyDory, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    Need to replace my headlights after one died out after the crash. I usually ride with both the headlights on though.

    It's for a Ninja 250r, so H7 bulb. Are there any recommendations on what to upgrade to? Not wanting to spend any more than say $50-ish.

    I was looking on eBay and came across these 'Xenon Hid Globe Bulb'. They seem to be "bulbs" so I'm guessing they don't need ballasts? Would they connect up the same way as a regular bulb? :-s Is there something I'm (or they) are missing here?

    If not, I guess just a bulb upgrade is on the cards, possibly a 4300k bulb upgrade like these 'Philips Crystal Vision Bulbs'? Since I can get the most visibility out of these compared to a standard 2300k halogen.

    I do know both of these options are probably going to "unroadworthy" the bike, since the Crystalvisions are not ADR approved and these odd Xenon 'bulbs' are probably going to scatter pretty badly into oncoming traffic. ](*,) Also, has anyone experienced any crackling down of swine on your (or known situations) regarding aftermarket and most likely unroadworthy headlight upgrades?

    Any cheap solutions? :D
  2. For a drop-in replacement that's bright and legal, my recommendation is OSRAM's Night Racer Plus [H7 twin-pack]. One of my bikes has been running the H4 version for some months now, and it definitely makes a difference — brighter, whiter, and longer reach.


    The trade-off is supposedly shorter life. Keep that in mind and store the old ones as spares. The included helmet-shaped case will come in handy.
  3. Hey, this looks really nifty and well worth a try. Only thing is it's rated at 3200k. Keeping in mind I can't tell if it is ADR approved, even though with such a low rating at 3200k, it should be. Wouldn't I get more out of an extra $10 and getting a 4300k pair that's with a more trusted brand? I'm not having a go at you here, I'm just trying to find the best solution. :angel:
  4. While I cannot guarantee ADR approval, its specifications closely resemble ADR-approved globes such as the Narva Blue Plus 90. Mine does a great job without blinding anyone or altering the beam's shape.
    4300K will be more bluish [and generally speaking, not as bright]. OSRAM is one of the best known, most trusted brands available. The Night Racer Plus bulbs are manufactured in Germany, claim to be vibration-resistant and should be brighter than the Philips.

    At the end of the day, both OSRAM [brighter] and the Philips bulbs [not as yellow] are solid options. Either is fine :)
  5. You are correct in that the Phillips Crystal Vision bulbs are not ADR approved. However their Blue Vision bulbs are and these are IMO a better bulb anyway since despite the name they're actually much less "blue" than the Crystal Visions (4000K vs 4300K).

    I'd be staying away from dodgy Chinese HID's - especially from sellers claiming to sell bulbs up to 120000K :LOL: (this is actually well into the UV spectrum and not actually visible to humans, but of course far too many people assume the bigger the "K" number the better).
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  6. Places like Supercheap & Autobarn sell most H styles and it will be quicker than fleabay.
  7. You will find that moving to a greater temperature will mean less visibility. Especially if you're sticking to halogen.

    If you want that comfort of being legal, stick to the blue vision. Any higher and your bike might look nice, but the visibility will drop. Seeing as you're in the outer suburbs, I think you'd be better off sticking within that temperature range.

    Though, you're bike typically isn't classified as roadworthy anyway so you could always go HID if it's no concern to you blinding oncoming drivers.

  8. i never realised the adr got stroppy about light bulbs..... ffs..
  9. Aren't they those tanning headlights I've heard about?
  10. Not quite. If they were genuinely 120,000K then peak wavelength would be around 25nm. This is well into the realm of Extreme Ultra Violet (EUV), and is likely to also be producing a fair amount of x-rays as well. So all it'd do is ionise the air immediately surrounding the bulb and nothing more.

    This is why I laugh when I see them advertised, and laugh even harder when owners of modified grey import cars try and justify buying them.
  11. I put Phillips Blue Visions in my ninja, nice white light and relatively cheap looks a heap better than the factory yellow ones. I would steer clear of any cheap chinese globes (autotechnica) as they won't last long. I think narva do similar blue vision globes too which are equally as good. Think i paid around $40 for the Phillips Blue-Visions H7 from Bursons.

    (you can have my factory ones if you want, have done 5kms work)
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  13. Ive got a set of osram nightbreaker - the 'model' earlier to the one mentioned above.
    Do make a difference to the standard set for sure. My bike has terrible headlights though so ive got a nice set of denali D2D lights coming lol. Bit of money though...