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headlight protector for a road bike: brief write-up.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by twainharte, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. scoured the net for options. not many: acrylic and an adhesive type(think clear contact).

    was tempted to try to make one myself after seeing other peoples ideas(notably bmw riders)


    but finally settled for the "off the shelf" variety.

    two likely local candidates were 'amhp'(based in queensland) and 'ventura'(aust. wide).

    i went for the later as they were cheaper and i could pick it up without too much hassles.

    upon receiving the item i noticed some slight scratches on the acrylic.


    as per the instructions i cleaned headlight and acrylic and stuck on the velcro tabs.


    instructions specify to use 3 velcro tabs but i used 4 since i noticed that the velcro looks deceptively weak.
    i guess i'll find this out when i go out for a fang.



    my main concerns are that:

    a) it may fall off while in transit.

    b) i'm not sure how the adhesive on the underside of the velcro tabs will react, if at all to the heat of the headlight.

    c) it's very easy for somebody to steal since it's only secured by velcro.

    anyhoo, if it prevents any further damage i guess it's worth the $AU33.


    note: i'n not affiliated with any of the names mentioned above. just your average rider parting with some information that may or may not be of any use.