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Headlight On / No starter voltage. ~ Zeal

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Garn Cook, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Does the 1998 Yamaha Zeal have an electronic circuit that cuts the voltage to the headlamp when starter button is pressed?
    I get about 2 shots at starting before battery is flat, starting with a fully charged battery !3Volts.
    The light seems very powerful. It just feels, it is a lot of energy to supply, to keep that hard-wired headlight on and start the motor.
    When I remove the 15 amp H/L fuse, all is well!

  2. My Zeal headlight is always on with the ignition on. But my light is weak. Rec-reg is a common issue on those bikes, strange that your light seems to suck so much power,
  3. Maybe a bad connection somewhere in the headlight, double check all connections in there and make certain there's no exposed wires. To clean contacts I use WD40, leave on for a few minutes then spray with carburetor cleaner (aerosol) because it doesn't leave behind a residue and is safe on most plastic and rubber and finally I dry them off using compressed air.

    Don't leave WD40 on connections as it tends to leave behind an oily residue which can cause problems like for example a bad connection.

    Inspect all the fuses too for any signs of melting. If you do see some deformed fuse surrounding it is a bad connection somewhere.

    Also how old is this battery? Even though its showing good volts it may only be able to hold charge for a little amount of time. I had this problem after leaving the bike stationary for a while, unfortunately it killed the battery. It would show as being fully charged but actually it had degraded and was unable to hold charge for long.

    Hope this helps.


    - Zealous
  4. Thanks guys, you would think I would be able to tell if the Zeal had a circuit to let the starter take its portion of the available current to start the bike over the hard-wired head-light, seeing I now have a wiring diag.

    I'll look for a new battery and fit it.

    Could anyone with a Zeal, watch the head-light when their starter is activated to see if it goes out or dims sufficiently to give the extra "oomph" to start the bike.
    I do believe I saw an unaccompanied yellow wire bullet connector in the head lamp shell, when I had it apart recently!

  5. Hey Garn, checked the Zeal tonight. Nicely charged battery, headlight full on when ignition turns on. When the starter motor kicks in the light dims just slightly, I'd reckon only because of the charge going to the starter rather than any electrical circuitry magic.

    Hope this helps.
  6. sounds like battery
  7. Thanks again guys... A new battery it is! From what Anto says, it looks as so there is no such device on the Zeal, as to limit the head-light so as the starter could operate on full current.
  8. Once you get your battery just check that you are getting charge voltage across the battery when revving the engine. Should be around 14.5 volts. If it is less it maybe that the reg is gone but from what you have said its probably just a old and tired battery.
  9. #9 Garn Cook, Dec 13, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2012
    Ordered a new battery Motobatt MBTX9U.... $90 delivered.
    Approx dimensions 150 x 105 x 85mm. 10.5 AH.
    As both Anto and Cjvfr mentioned... I will check reg/rec.
    I ran a quick check some weeks ago and it only read 13.5V from 1000 to 5000 rpm, I thought it should be more than that, however, it was above the battery voltage... As suspected may be on the way out. I'll check it when new battery is in place.
  10. I'n not sure how it's wired on your bike but the headlight on/off/on during start up a function of the starter switch on some bikes.

    When you press the starter switch the lights go off and at the halfway point both starter and lights contacts are open so nothing works. Press the button further and start motor contacts close: bike starts (normally). Release the starter switch and the process reverses.

    Only the headlight is switched on/off during start, all other lights remain on.

    It's easy to see if all is working as it should, just stand where you can see the headlight and start your bike.
  11. 13.5 ain't bad, mine was down to 12.5. Needless to say this was not enough to charge the battery and run the bike at the same time, so the battery would be flat after three days of commuting.. got a new beefed up R/R and all was good.

    I did get really good at jump starting the little bugger though.
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    This was on a Zeal Japanese wiring diag, It was in a small box section, leading from the the head-lamp on the main drawing to give a better description of the circuit.
    I believe this is the starter/head-light circuit. Any one decipher?

  13. Maybe, it depends on where the control wires (yellow & green) go. It could also be High/Low beam switching. We need a Japanese reader to translate the comments. Also be careful what is delivered in the Australian model
    may not be the same.
  14. Chris, you could be right about both facets that you mention....
    1. Not sure if it isn't just high low relays. although H/L 15 amp fuse has red with yellow tracer, there is yellow at the lamp
    2. Not sure if Japanese version is same as Australian (There is some type of option at the H/L, however, I think that's parking light).
  15. Hey fellas,

    That diagram was added by Zeal xx Blue, a Japanese owner who first shared the full diagram. That is a diagram of his HID headlight setup hence why I removed it from the original diagram.

    The Zeal headlight has green, black and yellow wires. The 99 official import has a twin headlight design but uses the same current and like the other models, requires a 15amp fuse. On the 99' Aus import one of the lights within the lamp is low beam and the other high. When you engage the high beam the low beam turns off and vice versa.

    My Zeal is 92' but I currently have a 99' headlight, it is a direct fit.

    Hope that helps.


    - Zealous
  16. Zealous, thanks for clearing that up. I'll put my new battery in today.
    My headlight seems very powerful, perhaps the Previous Owner has overdone it a bit regarding lamp wattage causing this problem. I still have to recheck Reg/Rectifier voltage.