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Headlight on high-beam during the day

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by cbr6_rr, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. I was just wondering what others thought about riding with your lights on high beam during the day. From a safety perspective, I think it greatly increases your chance of being seen, but from what I understand it is actually illegal.

    A few cagers have flashed me recently, and I think it is because they don't like looking into my high beams, and the other night (lights still on high beam), I came up behind a slow moving police car, and as I was travelling behind it decided to flick them down to low beam, just in case.

    What do others do - day and/or night?
  2. Low beam all the time, don't want to piss off the drivers too much. If you are in a car, high beam on a bike is not much different to another car except in most cases there is only one light.

    The people you follow may start slamming there brakes on, then you will have wished they where off.
  3. So far as I know, yes it is illegal.

    So far as my memory serves me, it's illegal to have your high beams on within 200m of a oncoming vehicle or vehicle in front of you.

    During the day, I think you could get away with it, but it becomes pretty obvious when the sun goes down....
  4. As per the Road Traffic Code 2000

    The use of high beam is not to be used

    - 200m behind a vehicle travelling in the same

    - 200m from an approaching vehicle.

    - If the headlights of the oncoming vehicle are dipped.

    So I suppose you can use em as you see fit but as vtrsteve says dont piss off the cage drivers they is bigger than us....
  5. Anyone heading towards me (2 or 4 wheel) that is running high beam cops 4x 60W of my high beam, anyone behind me cops a brake test or worse dropping the car from drive to 2nd so it slows quickly without the brake lights as a warning.

    Both methods certainly wake them up pretty quickly to their illegal act.

    If you must run with lights on then just use low beam as it gives a driver a little more warning you are there but doesn't blind them, kind of like a rabbit will sit in the middle of the road and get run over cos it's stunned by the headlights.

    If you need High Beams as a part of your survival theory then maybe you need to give up riding.
  6. I run high beams all the time, partly because people flash me all the time thinking that i have a blown headlight. (looks lopsided with only lows on) Really dont care that much about cagers. Will turn them down at night tho.
  7. It'll do nothing but piss off other road users. It wont increase your safety much. If they dont see your low beam, chances are your high beam aint going to do shit. Its also not fair to other road users. We crap on so much about car drivers not thinking about us on the road. We need to practice what we preach and be considerate of other road users too.
  8. Well said cowboy......you are right on the money
  9. I high beam when I lane split, and only during the day - not much need to split at night eh.

    I do it to maximise my chances of being seen. If it pisses them off, well at least they saw me to get pissed off at. I'm still winnin! I think....
  10. [strike one high-beam running zx6r from Xmas card list]... :x
  11. I run my high beam also...yet because on my Aprilia you have the left globe for low and the right globe for high beam people assume its not fully on.
  12. On my way home last Friday riding my Funduro, a guy on a VFR came up behind me with his high beam on. Was a real pain in the eyes - at 4:30pm. I was happy to let him pass.
  13. modern motorcycle headlights are pretty full on, especally highbeams. Go turn on your high beam & then step out the front of your bike, bend over & look at the front of your bike.
    You wont be able see properly for a good while after that.

    The kind of motorists who take out riders wouldn't see you even if you had lights like the aliens in Close Encounters.....

    I would advise against it, no need to scream "phark you all" to everyone, everytime you're out on the road.
  14. [the Xmas card list is ever shortening] :x :x
  15. I've only run with high-beam on once. Got sick of people flashing me so I went back to low-beam.

    I get annoyed by drivers who run high beam (not to mention Hyundai drivers who leave their high-intensity rear foglights on), so I'd prefer not to commit the same sin.

    BTW - the Across has a surprisingly-good headlight (for urban work, at least).
  16. yep, gotta agree, I was surprised on how good it was first time I had to ride home from work late. Not as good as two, but decent none the less.

  17. i tend to use mine whilst filtering / lane splitting, tends to annoy others but at least they know you are there
  18. I think it's because of your CBR!!

    the headlight of CBR I think it's bright enough!

    Otherwise they are not able to notice you got high beam on.
  19. Don't run high beam unless at night and then only when not within the 200m limit of vehicles. Also my bike is hard-wired, that is, lights are always on, don't put them to high beam during day as doing that means that I don't have the added high beam flash (bike has a button that can flash high beam, if go to high beam this doesn't dip the headlight and then go back to highbeam). Can still be effective to flash highbeam during daylight to warn other vehicles.