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Headlight Modulator

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by NSSherlock, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. #1 NSSherlock, Nov 2, 2012
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    I suppose this could be classified as "Bling" but is more of a safety item.
    I came across this in the Regs:

    There's one called the Diamond Star Headlight Modulator which:
    - Supposedly connects to standard wiring loom
    - Has a sensor that allows it to only operate by day when light levels are high enough (have heard it will dim in a tunnel). Where to mount that seems to be the hardest part of installation.
    - Turned on and off by switching the headlight to the opposite beam and back within 1 second - no separate control, default is on when the Bike starts
    - Also can be hooked up to the Horn so it flashes when the horn is sounded - not sure for how long.

    Seems like a good idea. I doubt, if I had one, that I'd leave it on all the time but you theoretically can. I reckon it would be useful if Filtering was ever made legal. Turning it on and off might take up some valuable time you need otherwise in some situations.

    YouTube vid of it in operation. This vid shows other products too. The Headlight Modulator is at the start.

  2. Hi NSSherlock.

    An interesting bit of kit.

    I can't really comment on other states, but, in NSW, something like that, which is, after all, designed to draw attention to you and your bike, will certainly succeed in drawing attention from the cops to your bike.

    If you are happy with your bike being totally legal, can live with the odd bit of discussion with cops, and have to time to go to court, if need be, then go for it.

    Again, in NSW, being able to quote to the cops what exactly one piece of regulation actually sez will probably only stir them up to find some other illegality on your bike.

    BTW, I admit to some "history" in this kind of thing, since I have fitted both my modern motorcycles with switches such that I don't have headlights on when I ride in daytime, unless I want them on.

    Frankly, I don't really think that the car drivers who notice it wouldn't be the same car drivers that notice you anyway.

    The dickheads that don't see motorbikes probably wouldn't see motorbikes, even if they had the Blackpool illuminations stuck on them.
  3. Yeah, I would have thought the same except that some posts in forums seem to indicate that there is a definite improvement in visibility in some situations and that may just be enough.

    I reckon anyone would be a fool or an attention seeker to leave them flashing all the time in daylight.
    I like this bit at http://www.safetysolutions.com.au/motorcycle-safety-gear/pathblazer-headlight-modulator but the guy sells them (different brand):

    You'll never completely solve the situation of drivers not seeing you.
  4. Flashing headlights are used by a number of emergency vehicles so may indeed draw attention by the law. The flashing lights do tend to be a bit intimidating and may in fact cause some of these "Richard Craniums" to cause an accident.
  5. No, there isn't one simple answer to drivers not seeing you. Just go and ask folk who drive fire engines about it!

    A marginal increase in your visibility, yup, I think it would probably work, but, as I said, it will probably draw the cops, too.

    Now, if that leads to your bike getting a going over with a fine tooth comb..... you have to be sure that it is totally legal.

    That is the main point I was getting at.

    The secondary point was, don't bet your life on ANY visibility aid.

    As for being an attention seeker....yup, guilty as charged.

    See avatar for the yellow leathers.

    I also used to ride a fluro PINK RZ250.

    I still, occasionally, ride a Honda Z50.
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  6. i'm not too sure about the headlight modulator. I think it would help but drivers may get annoyed or think it's a police motorbike or something and do something stupid. I also think it will be a police magnet, especially if they are doing laser duty etc. as they may think you are trying to warn other drivers of their presence. You'll also need to make sure drivers don't get the modulation confused with you letting them turn in front of you or if you are letting them pull out in front of you in traffic for example :)

    brake modulator seems like a really good idea though, especially at night!
  7. Not sure if those are legal here or not. I can't find info regarding that atm.
    There is this:
    but no specific reference in http://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/fragview/inforce/subordleg+522+2007+sch.2+0+N?tocnav=y like there is with Headlight Modulators.
  8. Harley fluoro beige real weekend rider: "Son I'm wearing fluorescents, my exhaust is obnoxiously loud and my headlight causes epileptic fits. I will never crash. Time to ride".
  9. Rear might be covered under:

    Except that it flashes. Flashing of the Headlight Modulator is covered separately and explicitly. ​
  10. Modulators are stupid. I saw a guy with one a few weeks back. At first I thought he was flashing me... then I thought he had a wiring fault... then I realised it was a modulator... then I realised I'd been staring at a stupid headlight and not watching the road as well as I should have been.
  11. lol fekkinell
  12. Exactly the problem, bit like rabbits staring at headlights.