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NSW Headlight modulator legal?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Variateur, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. I'm keen to fit this headlight / brake light modulator to my bike to increase daytime visibility...it's legal in the US, is it legal in Oz / NSW?

  2. gotta love ADR's.... specially when they limit what you can do to stay safe.
  3. The irony being that its motorcyclists themselves that usually prevent ADRs aimed at making motorcycles safer from being brought in. Or in the case of the one requiring your headlight to be on in the day, revoked.
  4. hmmm was it motorcyclists pushing not to allow braided brake lines for so long too?
  5. Since when have braided brake lines not been allowed?

    The ones on my bike are ADR approved. The only requirement is that they have something to stop the edge of the metal fitting rubbing on the hose itself, which I consider perfectly reasonable.
  6. Here in WA headlight modulators are (or were, at least) both legal and specifically addressed in legislation. Buggered if I can remember where though.
  7. Ah, yes, here it is.

    The relevant Regulation being 71(3):-

    Whether this appears in the national AVSRs or in other states' legislation I don't know but I'd find out before writing the idea off or embracing it wholeheartedly.
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  8. Under NSW Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2007 Division 2, Rule 86 it is legal:

    and (before anyone asks) under Victorian Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009, Division 2 Reg 77 (3):

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  9. There were more crashes after that legislation, which is why it was revoked, so motorcyclists were campaigning against something that would make them less safe.

    The government ignored us and were wrong (as usual).

    I would be hesitant on using a modulator considering that headlights caused more crashes.
  10. I've been using one for almost a year now, commuting through some of the worst driver areas in the inner city (international students all around me, Daddy bought them a car and endowed them with his lack of spatial awareness). I keep a print out of the Vic Roads material under the seat, which states the modulator is legal. If I'm coming up behind a cop car I turn it off to avoid unnecessary hassle, but otherwise I'll pass cop cars coming the other way, or sit opposite them at the lights, headlight modulating away, and haven't had a problem.

    I've noticed a definite decrease in people pulling out on me. I don't know whether I'm more perspicuous, or whether instead it causes them to pause for a second, confused by the light, and so wait rather than pulling out impetuously. A bit of both I reckon. You'll also find that traffic slows down in front of you, which is the downside - I think they worry for a moment that you're a cop. You also need to mindful of where to point your headlight when sitting in traffic, to avoid disturbing or annoying others.
  11. Oh. I thought that device just flicked the headlight from high to low beam at different intervals. Eitherway I think it would be pretty dumb.

    The blinking brake lights would be far more useful to prevent people ramming you up the arse when you're waiting to turn right at night for example. I hate being rammed up the arse at night. :butt:
  12. hahaha...

    It isn't too bad in theory. Change in motion/intensity can catch peoples attention, much like a head light moving left and right when you weave. If emergency vehicle lights (red and blue) were just lit rather than flash at an intense colour, you wouldn't notice it as much as a bunch of flashing lights.
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  13. Why? Given that those who actually have experience of it find it effective?
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  14. Yeah. Something like that. It's also gay.
  15. Ah. Very clever.
  16. If it was constantly on I think it would be irritating
    Being able pick and choose when you turn it on would make more sense to me

    I'm thinking connecting one to the brake light is more suitable
    Does it.work with LED's
  17. ......
    Yeah thats too much for nr