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Headlight modulator-fit to high or low beam?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grey Gentry, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. Hi Beam

  2. Lo Beam

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  1. I'm wondering which light would be the more effective use of a headlight modulator.

    If fitted to low beam it could be left on all the time, and still used at night in built up areas, where there is plenty of light to assist your vision. But low beam in normal daylight is hardly noticeable.
    I think it would be more effective on high beam....but do you need to dim your lights in the daylight (which takes away their effectiveness)?

  2. I reckon stick it on the low-beam. If you stick it on the high-beam, you can run it during the day, because as you say people hardly notice the low-beam, and are unlikely to get dazed by the high-beam during our typically bright Aussie days. However, if for some reason you need to 'flash' some nutcase using the 'pass' button, like when you are about to overtake him/her, or they are about to move into your line, they may not notice any change in the intensity of your headlight if you are already running a (modulated) hi-beam.

    Plus if you are trailing someone for a few km with a modulated hi-beam, its probably just gonna piss them off.

    Also, it's a statutory offence to run your hi-beams in the vicinity of another vehicle, whether they are on a modulating circuit or not. Best to keep a bike as street legal as possible in my opinion, just in case you run into a copper who's in an anti-motorcyclist mood.
  3. I had one on my old bike. It goes onto the low beam.