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Headlight / Headlamp / bulb recommendations?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by 9psi, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. I'm after recommendations for a headlight for my spada. I think it has one off a CB250 (mechanic's guess) and it is crap. Every corner is a blind corner.

    Whatever I get it has to look standard enough.

    I've got good 14V supply (see my last query).

    The spread is lame and so is the reach. The lens is clean. Aim is variable because the previous owner used dodgey brackets (would like it to be solid!)

    I need a new surround too
  2. Pretty much anything off any round headlamped retro/naked could be made to fit. Bigger bikes tend to have better lights so I'd start looking for GSX1400s and the like in wreckers.
  3. Another recommendation for larger round headlights. My GSX-1100EF has an 11" round headlamp and reduces night to a mere reminder at the perhipheries of your vision.

    Brakets would be easy to fabricate or buy and wiring would also be fairly simple.

    Cheers - boingk
  4. thanks for all the advice - I'll go and annoy my local wrecker. I guess it makes sense, bigger bikes are more expensive meaning they manufacturer can throw a bit more coin in the headlights department.

    any further recommendations will still be well received
  5. Mind you a really big light on a small bike can look.... ordinary.
  6. Not as ordinary as a small bike with a small light wrapped around a tree 'cos the rider couldn't see.
  7. Let me know how you go 9psi, I've got a similar issue with my Yamaha Zeal - current headlight on low beam would barely scare a possum.
  8. dual projector project retrofit!
  9. Not a grey import is it?
    Some of those are often still running the Japanese standard 35w low-beam globe, rather than the 55w used here.
  10. I believe it's local but I'll check the globe jd - can I just swap in the higher wattage globe if so?
  11. My guess is your globe is a h4 unit same as the cb400. I''d suggest doing a hid conversion and go for a 4000 or 6000k globe. If you go for the basic globe without hi/lo function is $129 from WA. Well worth it.

    All details including my before and after pics are in this thread
    HID lights
  12. Summer time bred laziness..but now it is dark I have to get off my procrastinating backside...I was going to go for a phillips 80+ or the 90+ someone else makes.

    also having full voltage from the electrical system is helping a bit.