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Headlight Globes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by thelodger, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. I am looking to change the headlight globe in my Firestorm at the moment i have one of those Narva %30 plus blue jobs but i am far from hapy with it.
    Can i put in a 90/130? The headlight is one of those pollywhatsits so is heat a problem?
    What are you useing?

  2. There was a full rundown of globes in RiDE Issue 106 (on sale 29/1/2004 to 24/2/2004) pages 52 - 57, 37 Bulbs were tested in two categories, H4 Bulbs and H7 Bulbs. I think its a H7 blub you are looking for, correct?

    Anyway I scanned in the summary of the results and they can be found at the link below.

  3. I checked out the wattage capability of my headlight wiring, and configuration of connectivity, and found that it could take some 10//70 H4 globes. I gave some NARVA's a try, but they didn't last anywhere near as long as proper/factory globes for my bike. Tried another brand of standard H4's, and they didn't last too long either. Have gone back to using proper/factory globes which last 2-3 times longer.

    In reading some forums and google searching, I found many riders have problems with longevity of H4 and H7 globes you get from auto-parts stores. Seems they (or the filaments) just aren't up to the sort of vibration and movements found from being on a sports bike, and 'blow' much faster. This equalled with my experience.
  4. Hey Jase didn't Mr Honda put some weird globe fitting into the Viffers?
  5. How does that saying go ... "if you have to advertise it...." :p
    That just makes you a wanna-be!
    Or in my case, bend it back.
    True, but in my case they last 3 times as long so are equal
  6. Lodger, the VFR has a H6, which is very close to a H4..... The base if dirrerent!!! If what you need is a H6 all you do is get a H4 and bend the top 2 "things" and it will slot in to place. I have done it to my viffer and got rid of the original 45/45 H6 - they are shite! I would advise not increasing the watts to much - with the lights being on constantly you could have a problem with melting headlights!

    If your interested have a look at my headlights at coffee one night and see if you like, if your interested I can get globes from work! A few of the VFR boys have changed and are very happy!
  7. Thanks Caroline.The Firestorm uses good ol' H4s so the choices are many but i would like more light (grrr Tim the tool man growl).So what would you recomend?
  8. If your interested have a look at my headlights at coffee one night and see if you like. A few of the VFR boys have changed and are very happy![/quote]

    Shouldn't this be in the QoTD on bra sizes?
  9. I'm interested in why your headlight globes aren't lasting? I've had the same original globe in my bike for five years now...
  10. It won't be about time, but distance travelled with globe on, frequency of use, and type of road surface travelled on.
  11. hella (in joint with osram) have long life globes part # CA1255LL is a 55 watt H7 the long life rating is 930 compared to a standard 550, or the part # XD1260/55LL is a H4 60/55 with a long life rating of 1500.

    I would only use the premium phillips or hella globes. i would be suprised if the originals are not made by either of these.

    Just my 2 cents
  12. Now can I have my change please?
  13. I agree... 45,000 klicks, headlight hardwired on all the time, country Queensland roads... I'm still interested why the globes aren't lasting.
  14. Its been rounded....Sorry [​IMG]