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Headlight globes

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Mad_Maca27, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. Having recently changed my park/number plate lights to led globes, I am now looking to change the headlight globes to a brighter set. However having "twin" headlights (one side low beam, one side high) they are also running two different globes (H7 for low & H1 for high)

    My question is this : any recommendations on brands of globes, and if possible places to get them?

    I went to my local auto store, and they have Phillips +100% globes in both sizes, but as they are intended for cars they come in packs of two ($80 for H7 and $60 for H1)

    Is it just a case of bite the bullet and buy the twin packs or is there a place to buy them individually?

    Any help is appreciated,

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    these guys often have 20% off sales, which means Philips +100's (X-treme's) are a bit over $40 for H7's, free shipping.
    sale vouchers are always on front page, other vouchers (15-20% depending on spend) are linked there somewhere
    if you use voucher code "LOYALTYPB" you'll get 10% off (but don't need if they are having 20% sale)

    I've bought from them a few times now, and don't bother with local shops unless emergency

    edit, they have a soccer 20% off special now, use voucher "BRAZIL20" (it's always some excuse for a sale ;) ) also seems can't use loyalty voucher with 20% off voucher.. but $42.30 for a pair of bulbs is not bad :D
    shipping usually takes about 1 week for me

    I'd suggest get the twin pack for low beam, and keep the extra low beam bulb as a spare on the bike... you can buy individual +30 or +50 for the high beam in Philips from a decent parts place (ie, not repco/supercrap etc)

    as for other bulbs, the Crystal/Diamond Vision and Blue Vision etc all have extra blue filters so they look whiter, but less light on the road.. X-treme vision is my pick for Philips.... bang for buck (ie $21 each..)
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  3. I usePhillips X-treme Vision +100% as well. As I tend to go for a few night time blats during summer the extra brightness is worth it. I just buy off ebay, twin pack for $40 delivered.

    OldCorollas suggestion on getting a spare is a good idea, the higher output globes dont last as long, I think I've has 2 go in the last 2 years (with daily use).
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  4. Get a twin pack. The brighter lights don't last as long so you will need the other globe anyway.
  5. Thanks for the input guys. I'll look up that website and see what they have going on. The only other one that I saw in the Phillips range was called "moto vision" ... Supposedly +40% with unique orange tint to help be seen better.


    Anyone dealt with them at all
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