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Headlight focus point

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by GoTeam, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. The bolts holding my headlight musn't have been as tight as they needed to be because I found out one night it ended up lighting up about 5 m ahead of me (was pointing downwards). I tilted the light as high as it would go then tightened up the bolts. Based on how it lit up the road the other night, I think it might be focussed too far ahead and probably annoys a lot of oncoming traffic. It lit up three lanes wide in front of me. In general, how far ahead should your headlight light up? I think I'm going to have to adjust it.

  2. I just get out away from street lighting on a straight road and adjust it untill it 'looks' right. High beam should light up the road ahead, low should have a distinct cut-off point maybe 50-100m or so ahead. I'm really guessing that distance, should be pretty obvious when you get out there and try it.
  3. +1 - with the bike loaded up normally, it should be noticably below horizinal (not too much though), and high beam should be horizontal/a tad above for cornering.
  4. I have always found it easier to do it up against a wall (as the actress said to the bishop). Makes it much easier to determine how far from horizontal and vertical they are.

    Basically using this type of method. Note the pics down the right hand side.




    Keep in mind if you look at a US site and they say point them down and to the right, we need to point ours down and to the left instead.
  5. Maybe try aiming them so when your at a certain distance from a (test) car in front so it doesn't hit there rear view mirror??

    Note if they are high or 'just on the limit' of catching the eye of someone coming the other way, each time you hit a bump it will appear that you are flashing your lights at them...

    Let us know how you go because i'd like to know your solution...
  6. I tend to adjust headlights by feel, you move it upward, then if your headlights are reflecting back too brightly off signs, or shining up into the windows of cars you're following, then drop it off a bit.
  7. Ah, the Ducati method :wink:
  8. yeah, there's no redline on the highbeam switch!!
  9. This is how I did it in the end. I adjusted the headlight then got behind my car to see where the light focused. It looked ok so I sat still on the road to see how it shone. When on, the light lights up to about 40 m in front of me. High beam lights up all the way up to 100 m. That seemed all right to me. I'll check them tonight on/during the MR.
  10. If you get high intensity lights or the ultra bright globes it annoys people on the road anyway. as long as you lights beam infront of you and you can see, it shouldnt matter too much. I notice these days people drive around with high beams, fog lights and HIDs, all blinding anyway.
  11. :LOL: