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Headlight Conversion Yamaha Zeal

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Loopi, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. I have just got my learners and paying off my first bike. I purchased a Yamaha Zeal 1999 250cc.
    I had a RWC done on it and it passed.
    I went for my first night ride 2wks after getting my licence but I couldn't see anything, quite scary.
    I took it in to get looked at and they told me the headlight assembly was broken and the light was facing down not out.
    I got a call this morning to say that the bike is an import and I am unable to get parts for it.
    I've called 5 wreckers with no luck.

    Can I get a conversion done on it?
    Remove the fairing and bracket and put a new light in it's place?

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  2. Yeah something aftermarket is your best bet. Zeals have a fairly basic naked style single headlight so sourcing something similar should be easy. Something like this perhaps?
    7'' Chrome Universal Motorcycle Bike Headlight Head Lamp Halogen H4 Bulb 12V New
  3. Yep. A bike of that vintage would more than likely be running an H4 globe which is a combined Hi / Low beam.
  4. Thankyou Wot The :)
  5. Hi LoopiLoopi ,
    Who looked at it for you ?
    I'd be having a look at what's actually broken, and if there is anything.

    It should be a fairly plain and standard style of reflector housing which holds a globe in a holder.
    As long as the globe is retained in the rear of the housing then there's really not much to go wrong.
    It would be reasonably obvious if the headlight had major issues, and was pointing way off.
    It may just be that the holder has been broken somehow and can be fixed or replaced.

    Where are you based ?
  6. Hey Steve,
    Local Yamaha workshop

    I've actually taken the assembly out myself and had a look at it and the light is held by 4 screw bolts and 2 of the screw holder things have broken which has let the globe angle down. I doubt it can be fixed.

    The light holder is part of the assembly

    I am in Gippsland, Vic
  7. Faired or naked model LoopiLoopi? Any chance of posting a pic of the parts broken?
  8. Hi Ned,
    It 's faired
    Pics attached ... hopefully :)

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