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Headlight Bulbs Not HID

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by VIRUS, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Hi there guys and girls,

    I'm looking to upgrade my headlights to something that will bright up the road which are better than the OEM's. I just want something that would allow me to see in the distance rather than those fancy blue light that goes 20 meters

    If anyone can recommend what type of brightness (eg 4100k) and brand they are using it would be much appreciated.


    * I know 4100 kelvin doesn't stand for brightness but i'm just afraid and idea of what everyone is using out there.
  2. Try Narva +50 (H4) Globes.

    They contain Xenon/Halogen gas mix that is a bit brighter than Halogen alone.

    They still have yellowish light but very usable compared to blue light (4500K+ colour temp)

    Available at Repco, Autobarn, etc
  3. Yeah any of the true xenon-filled halogens (beware cheapo "xenon style" globes) will have a definate improvement, assuming your bike uses a commonly available globe type (ie H4 or H7). Kelvin is really only a measure of how much the globes will p1ss off other road users :LOL: - only HIDs are readily available in the truly annoying (and actually less effective) 5500+ Kelvin range anyway.
  4. HID= High Intensity Diode??

    Jus' checking.
  5. High Intensity Discharge (kinda sounds like a medical condition but that's what it stands for).
  6. Sorry i forgot to mention that i'm using h7 bulbs 60/55w.

    I've heard about the 100w bulbs but after that this might burn/melt the housing and wires harness.

    Yeah HID's are great and all but do you have a spare 500? I dont! Would prefer to use it on steering dampener or what not.

    i'm using 4300's atm.
    What about Phillips Vision Plus?

    Anyone had any problems with 100w?

    PS. Thanks for the quick response
  7. Well I was two thirds of the way there, Cheers JD. :grin:

    Oh, and I'm pretty sure I had a bad case of the HID's last year... :wink:
  8. Sometimes going to a higher wattage can actually be counter productive. The reflector will have been designed for a 60/55W globe so often going to a higher wattage can result in light that is brighter - but not going where you need it. And yeah there's always the potential for fried wiring or melting. Heard good things about the Vision Plus globes, using a German "Trifa" brand xenon-filled globe myself which was a vast improvement over the standard H4 halogen I was running.
  9. Wonderful!
    I think my decision has been made.

    What are these "Trifa" i've never heard of them before.
    And only the Narva Artic Blue's are made in Germany as well, was told they're not that great.

    Thanks for your help guys.
  10. i had the Narva Artic Blue's H4 on my bike but i recently took them out and replaced them with the stock ones. why you ask?? sure they were brighter at night and looked better too but they took up so much power. my stocks were 60w35 and these were 60w55. thats 40w extra. this lead the my battery problem because it was draining my battery while it was ideling and sooner or later the battery was going to die.

    i recommend you to put the same wattage globe in otherwise your battery or your alternator will die.
  11. stock for me are 60w55

    Yeah i don't want to risk melting or burning the wires/housing by using 100w globes.

    maybe i should just get a projector like the k6 600/750's and use my highbeams all the time.
  12. 60W/35 are only standard for grey import bikes - using them may mean the bike no longer meets the ADRs and is technically unroadworthy. 60W/55 seems to be the standard for bikes sold here officially, and is what they fit to grey imports for compliance (though whether they stay in there after that depends on the "dodginess" of the dealer).
  13. I've got the Philips Vision Plus, but in H4. It's an improvement, and it also uses a white light instead of the yellow. Got it off eBay UK, about $20 for 1 globe. If you want 2, it's about $36.
  14. Mate I run a aftermarket wiring harness to the headlight that has a better globe holder to cope with the 90/100 or sometimes 90/130 I use.

    You don't need to go to the harness thing unless you are doing all nighters as I do but you should be able to get a fitting that will not melt on you. BUT make sure your wiring is up to it, most stock wiring is as thin as they can make it to save a few bucks on production.

    I also run twin Hella FF50's which are awsome.
  15. Interesting comments. With the Icicle All Nighter coming up, I wouldn't mind upgrading the Blackbird's headlight.
  16. If you're going from say 60w to 100w, I doubt that you'll be risking that. Most electrical components are rated to work at around 50% of their capacity. In the case of the headlight wattage increase here, you're only talking a couple of amps.

    If you're concerned, you can put a relay in that drives the headlight direct off the battery, suitably fused and with suitable wiring.

    Of course, what is an issue here and not easily resolved is that of your alternator's output. For example, the Blackbird is 460w. With 2 headlight globes of 60w each, fuel pump, EFI module and injectors themselves, taillight and instro cluster lighting, it would be getting close to its max. allowable. Bumping my high beam to a 100w or similar might be doable, but much more than that I'd suggest that I'd be stretching the friendship.

    So, before doing any electrical upgrades, it's best to ensure that the electrical system can handle it.
  17. Some interesting points in this one and I was going ot post a forum when I found this one.

    I only have a single H4 globe in my XJ900 and had really poor headlight performance until I did a bit of adjustment. It's better but still not that good.

    Sounds like the Navara +50 or the Phillips are the go. I am a bit worried that the extra draw of a 100w globe along with the draw from my heated grips might be a bit much for my rather simple electrical system.
  18. The Article is pretty long in the tooth now but the results should still apply.


    I grabbed a set of Philips VisionPlus globes from autobarn some definate improvements without any need to change anything.

    Just be sure you don't touch the glass of any of the globes when you are installing or removing them. The oils of your skin create a hot spot on the globe which will mean they will fail sooner.
  19. I'm kinda curious, what's the go for coloured headlights? Like haveing red light instead of white light?
  20. With a red light you are usually offered money for sex.