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Headlight Bulbs/globes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by GreyBM, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Not a problem as such but I am curious for info.

    By and large I do little night time riding outside of well lit areas. But as Icicle Ride time approaches, one begins to think about the adequacy (or on my bikes the lack thereof) of their headlights.

    Usually before the Icicle Ride I strap on a couple of cheap set extra lights to my crash bars, which tends to improve spread greatly, especialy in corners, but does not do much for distance.

    In the Icicle Ride (Vic Rides) thread a number of solutions have been suggested such as HID's, higher wattage bulbs and +40's and their ilk.

    So my question is for a given say, H4 bulb, what is the difference between a standard bulb and a +40 bulb. Are they a higher wattage and just don't explicitly say this, or do they burn hotter? I have heard they have a significantly shorter life expectancy - is this true? Do they work and ar they worth it?
  2. Do what I did and youll light up the whole area, its like riding in daylight. Went for a short ride through Wisemans Ferry yesterday and boy oh boy was it well lit.

    Basically using 2 x 20W LED (3400 lumen) lights in conjunction with the high beam, so now ive got the spread and the distance. This light actually reaches as far as my HID high beam and has a far better spread. The only problem would be dazzling oncoming traffic and annoying anyone in-front of you.

    I have it more angled now to really see the side of the roads, when you hit the really twisty bends.

    My setup

    This is what oncoming traffic would see
  3. woah, looks good though! :D
  4. From my experience on my own K100, it's not a bad idea to wire your headlamp through a big, over specc'd relay to give the lighting switches an easier time. There's a suitable spare fuse position that you can take a big feed from. Works wonders even without a fancy globe and I'd strongly recommend doing it before considering anything that will draw more current than the OEM unit.
  5. Ask arc what globes he has in his zx10r, One of the Phillips globes, anyhoo awesome throw.. need to get some myself..
  6. Pretty sure he was using the +40 or maybe +more in his 250. If he has upgraded globes in his litre he will probaboy have used the same.
  7. sometimes you can have a very bright globe but still wont get what your after because of the headlight design. This is why I changed to the two aux LED globes.