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Headlight brightness Vstar 650 Classic

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Sharkie, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. was wondering if anyone has replaced the standard globes on their vstars with something brighter?
    i travel some dark areas on my way home at night and find find that i struggle to see the road if i have oncoming traffic with lights on, maybe i am just spoiled as the car has these flash new super bright lights..
    any ideas are appreciated..

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    Yep - pick up something like a Narva Plus 120 at Repco or somewhere similar. Much better. The standard beam is generally aimed too low so get a Phillips screwdriver out and adjust it up to improve the lighting.

    And make sure it's a H4 fitting
  3. If it uses h4 bulbs I put a Phillips +100% 60/55 in my gs500 and reaimed. Made a massive difference
  4. I got some Narva copies at Aldi on one of their sales. They were supposed to be 50% whiter and brighter and on the bike they did make a difference. I also had to lift the aim about 5 degrees on my 2011 custom.
    On the US bike forums they all talk about using LED globes, but I've not tried them.
  5. The original lights on the v star are as bright as a birthday cancel.( a cheap one at that.) I upgraded mine to HID type light and found it great , but the constant vibration seemed to make em drop their guts. 2 bulbs later I switched it back to Phillips +120 s and with a bit of fiddling with the adjusters got quite a good result.
  6. Thanks for that, all good info, will head out over the weekend & get a phillips +120s. Might do some research on the LEDs as well.
  7. thanks again all, went to Repco and grabbed a 'Repco 60/55 plus 120 Supreme Power' they say 120% brighter.. works great, can now see road clearly.. $30 with racq discount..