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Headlamp and Stoplamp modulators

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Flying is for planes, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. Nearly 3 months ago I purchased Headlamp and Stoplamp modulators from the USA. There is a heap of vendors selling them, so I will just deal with the products. **If you want to buy do a search :) In my mind these simple devices do significantly more to help guard you against other road users not seeing you than any other accessories


    Firstly I bought the Kisan "plug and play" for the tail lamp.
    pic here http://www.kisantech.com/popup/multiimage.php?product=20W-D
    This magic little device replaces the existing filament globe with the modulator and a 20 watt halogen globe. It comes complete including a spare globe! It took me all of 95 seconds to install and has been 100% reliable. The Kisan tailblazer flashes as soon as you hit the brakes. The initial flash rate is quite fast, to get attention, and the flash rate then slows before glowing constantly. The net effect is that following cars notice you braking well before they would with a normal stop lamp. I am finding that cars are keeping a better distance away from me.

    Rating 10/10

    Secondly I bought the Kisan Headlamp modulator. I purchased the plug and play model which took all of 3 minutes to fit. The small device fits in behind the headlamp and is merely plugged in between the existing power cable and the headlamp globe. There is also a daylight sensor which is routed from the unit to any area that sees daylight. This sensor ensures that come night the modulation will cease and you will have normal high beam lighting. In operation the headlamp modulator flashes constantly on high beam (and 100% legally). There are claims that a headlamp modulator makes a motorcycle 200% more visible and I am inclined to agree. I certainly notice people look straight at my bike with it on and I have had more than one person at stop lights ask me why my headlamp was flashing.

    Rating 10/10

    Both products are available for a wide range of bikes and their website has a large database of bike models

    **You may find cheaper prices from retailers other than the manufacturer's website below

    These products are made by Kisan Technologies. http://www.kisantech.com/
  2. Thanks for the review.

    I recently considered the Kisan TailBlazer (BTW, AUS importer/dealer is http://safetysolutions.com.au/) until I was reliably told that it was illegal in AUS. Have you had any experience/concerns from police?
  3. My view is that I can achieve the same effect my pumping my brake slighly to activate the brake light, and there's nothing illegal about that. I know there is legislation prohibiting flashing lights on vehicles (even though the headlamp modulator is written into most state laws as being 100% approved) and I really think such is designed to stop people who want to pretend their unmarked Commodore is a cop car.

    I have not been pulled up and I will be surprised if it becomes an issue. To me not getting rammed in the back by a car who didn't see me stop is far more of a worry
  4. I can personally vouch for the visibility factor of Flying's headlamp modulator. It certainly gets your attention.

    Never did see his tail lamp... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Great forum!! I have been reading the posts for a few days and thought I would jump in...

    Not sure about the other states but in WA headlight modulators are ok as per the Road Traffic (Vehicle Standards) Rules 2002.

    Reg 72 (3) A motor bike may be equipped with a headlight modulation
    system that —
    (a) varies the brightness of its high-beam headlight or low-beam headlight, but not both, at a rate of at least 200 and at most 280 flashes a minute; and
    (b) is designed to operate only in the daytime
  6. I bought a red 24 led light globe from ..http://www.ledshoponline.com..
    Its called a "spinner"
    Works great spinning when the brake is off and flashing when brake is activated.
    I had another bike rider recently pull along side me shouting " theres something wrong with your lights mate they flashing" so I guess mines being noticed

    edit.. Forgot to mention no wiring all I did was replace the globe
  7. Shaun, Does the LED brake light eventually stop flashing if the brake is kept depressed?

    Have you had any hassles from the coppers?

  8. The one I have is always on no matter how long the brake lever is depressed.

    When it is not depressed the light rotates all the time.

    I have had so many people pull along side me saying there is something wrong with my light , hahah just shows its noticable.

    and nope I have never had any issues with the men in blue.

    apologies for how long its taken me to reply, my hard drive failed and I had to get a new one and consequently its taken me ages to get things back and running. I hadnt backed anything up and lost heaps of stuff
  9. From what I understand (please correct me if I'm wrong...)
    1) The headlamp modulator only modulates the high-beams - does this mean you ride around with the highbeams on all the time? I hardly ever use mine (living and working urban) so wouldn't be achieving anything, and
    2) Brake lights must give a clear indication of when the brakes are being applied - that's the whole point. Anything that flashes, modulates, chases etc would potentially cause confusion about whether you're on the brakes or not. They may draw attention more than standard, but what if the driver behind decides that there must be something wrong with your constantly flashing brake lights and doesn't react when you do actually have to slow down, especially if it's in a hurry?

    Sounds iffy to me...