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heading to the states

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stanga169, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. going to the states in june for a month, what bike stuff is the most value for money to buy and bring back/send back , cheers

  2. i'd love a decent summer jacket, some blue cargo hornee jeans, and another pair of boots.

    thanks :D

    oh, and 5 pairs of gloves... and it'd be wicked cool if you could also get me a decent winter jacket! and a post card :D
  3. Tyres ... sorry ... tires. :D

    Also clothing and boots. Gloves I found to be not much cheaper than here, for some reason.

    The main difference is that there is such a huge range and hence choice over there.
  4. I'd say boots, been looking at some myself but hesitant to order from the US in case the fit isn't just right
  5. Save yourself the trouble and just buy online? The price difference isn't that great with the current exchange rate. Plus you don't have to deal with any of the shipping etc.
  6. +1 for above. If it retails for over a grand here they will slap you with duty.
    Remember what you buy there is not covered by warrenty here. That goes for phones, cameras, laptops.
    Coke and hookers are cheap :)
  7. I'd probably only buy gear over there (jackets, pants, gloves e.t.c.) It's much cheaper than over here and pretty easy to pack.

    Anything else would be too big and cumbersome to carry home. I wouldn't want to lug a helmet or tyres through customs (not to mention that the helmet technically wouldn't comply to Australian standards and hence illegal to use on the road)
  8. Garmin Zumo 660 Bike GPS
  9. You arrange to have the tyres sent back here. Not a problem.

    If the riding gear (clothing) is too "bulky", invest $10 and buy one of those vacuum bags that you hook up to a vacuum cleaner and suck the air out. We took full tops and bottoms, jeans, boots, heat vests, gloves ... for two ... to the USA in one small(ish) suitcase.

    You can bring in (from memory) $900 worth of gear EACH ... that's $1800 if travelling with wife/partner/concubine/boyfriend etc. ... and that buys a LOT of gear.
  10. heated sargent seat
  11. good point though, baggy clothing as much coke as you can carry