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heading to the mechs tommorow, how much should i be paying?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Filo01, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. I'm bring in my bike to the mechs tomorrow cbr250rr 1992 & i was wandering wat i should be looking to pay? i don't want to be over quoted

    -new chain/sprockets
    -carb tune & sprak plug replacement(bike running far to rich, me & old man have looked bike over)

    don't need a basic service changing the oil(fork,coolant etc) i can do that myself & they over charge anyways

    i currently live in Melbourne Vic, eastern subs
  2. i'd say you'd be lucky to get out of it for under 350-400 bucks. carbie tune on a cbr is a bit of a pain from what i understand. chain and sprockets alone will be about $180+labour. sparks are 10 bucks each

  3. awesome ty, hopefully i could possibly talk them into trowing in a full service for 450 :D, i'll try my luck tomorrow morning
  4. you would be lucky if you got just the full service (thats head off and valve clearance check) for $450, never mind the chain, sprockets, sparkies and tune.

    i would be looking to pay anywhere up to a grand for that lot mate
  5. damn, hopefully the crab tune comes under warranty, the dealer i bought the bike from promised me a 3month warranty, i know the chain/sprockets won't i dropped the bike :(. Don't really need a full service i can do that myself in my garage
  6. just came back from the mechs, got quoted 330$ for a new sprocket & chain(there installing it)

    40$ front s
    60$ back s
    180$ chain
    80$ labor

    he gave me alittle discount which was pretty good, what does everyone think, good value? i was considering installing myself, but that would cost me 300$ anyways
  7. $180 for a chain... ive never bought one before ... damn i didnt think they would cost that much
  8. not a bad price for the chain and sprockets plus fitting

    depends what you buy, if you buy some cheapo heavy duty non ringed chain then you can pay as little as $60,

    for a top rated DID or similar O or X ring they are getting on for that price.

    My last one was a DID X ring 530 114 link and cost me about $190 IIRC
  9. mine, last month;
    DID 530/119 XW $180
    Front Sprocket $15
    Rear Sprocket $35

    :p :p :p

    trade discount through work :LOL:
  10. ty, just the kind of answers i wanted, i'm dropping the bike off to the mechs this morning, hopfully they can get it dun before monday [-o<
  11. damn, hopefully the crab tune comes under warranty, the dealer i bought the bike from promised me a 3month warranty[/quote]

    Warranty cover manufacturing faults, not basic maintenance - thats your responsibility.
  12. About 280 for chain and sprockets + fitted.

    So all up, maybe 350-400.

    But they'll probably find other things that could use doing. I got some stuff done and whilst they were 'under the hood' they did alot of other stuff (which I hadn't explicitly asked for) without charging extra for it as they were just minor things here and there.
  13. sadly they only did wat i asked for, i'm currently looking for a better mechic atm. to bad there so few mechs that can import all the cbr250rr parts that i need quickly.
  14. When I did my chain /sprockets the prices were as follows:

    front sprocket: 40
    rear sprocket: 60
    chain: 120ish (rx ring)

    that was from team moto honda in slacks creek